Open Source

Check out our open source libraries here or visit official Github Account.

These companies successfully use our open source libraries

Facebook Android
Atlassian HipChat Android
Facebook Messenger Android
Whatsapp Android


Kotlin - library

Gradle plugin for disabling animations in global settings before UI tests and reenabling them afterwards

Snakeyaml for Android with FIELD bean access

Java - library

Fork of snakeyaml YAML parser using FIELD bean access. Allows usage of introspector on Android.

Android Gradle AOSP aapt plugin

groovy - library

Gradle plugin which sets aaptConfig.additional parameters based on environment variables defined by AOSP build system

Android Gradle Pitest plugin

groovy - library

Gradle plugin for PIT Mutation Testing in Android projects

/dev/full on OS X

bash, OS X - snippet

/dev/full alternative on OS X simulating ENOSPC errors

change-merged gerrit replication hook

bash - snippet

change-merged gerrit hook pushing branches according to ${GERRIT_SITE}

buildSrc sample application

Groovy, Gradle - project

Sample Android app with gradle buildSrc.


Android - snippet

Modification of preserving only primary page indicator.

Image Capture Helper

Android - snippet

Helper for sending ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent and retrieve its results. Handles all low level operations.

HipChat Gerrit hooks

Python - snippet

Gerrit hooks sending notifications to HipChat

Gradle localization plugin

Android, plugin - library

Gradle plugin for generating localized string resources

Gradle Jenkins plugin

Android, plugin - library

Gradle plugin for CI Android projects on Jenkins


ioS, Swift - library

Lightweight, written natively in Swift, circular UIScrollView.


iOS, Swift - project

Apple TV Parallax effect in Swift.

Gif Drawable

Android, GIF - library

Views and Drawable for displaying animated GIFs on Android.


iOS, Swift - library

Examples of using RxSwift and additional modules from RxSwiftCommunity.


iOS, Swift - project

Lightweight, written natively in Swift, circular UIScrollView.


iOS, Swift - project

SwiftyRouter makes it easy to deal with network connection in Swift.