3 easy steps to prepare your company to workcation

First things first

Single steps will lead you to success so start small. Try to  focus on the smallest tasks possible and make the progress every day. Choose the place, pick the dates, count the people, check the flights, book the tickets. When you’re planning to travel to an exotic spot, check the weather conditions vs the dates you’ve picked. Call the doctor and ask for necessary travel immunisation. Check the recommendation for the accommodation – do your research on forums, blogs or asking the friends. At the first sight, the planning may look terrifying, but small steps will do the magic. And involve other people to help you – co-workers, travel agent, professional organisers.

List, act, check, repeat

Choose your weapons – it could be pen and paper or more fancy software, but definitely, the good old checklists are the best tool to fight the chaos and multiplicity of tasks you’re facing. List everything you need to check, plan, organise, then divide into the smallest pieces possible and act. Once it’s done, strike off this item on your list. You can also share the list with others and re-assign the responsibilities. Based on these initial working checklist you’ll be manage to create the best practice list for the future. Listing how we do something in the company is the best way to backup your team with the procedures in a very natural way. And these are the great resources for every new team member.

Fake it till you make it

You can’t predict everything, especially considering the relocation of over 30 people to the exotic island 6666 km from the home country for 30 days. But you can simulate the working conditions and organise few days still in your regular office when you’ll be working according to the local time and other necessary rules. Plan everything and discuss with the team what is it for what outcome you expect. Learn your lesson. Once the simulation is done, check what went right and what still needs to be improved, and do it before you leave for workcation. Remember that far far away the small problems might escalate to much bigger, quicker than at home.

Do you have any thoughts or learnings from your experience? Feel free to share via comments, we are eager to learn! And stay tuned for more news from the workcation frontline!

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