How to pack for workcation like a pro

Expect unexpected

If we would need to choose one single advice for anybody who is thinking about going far away from home for a longer period with a larger group of people (ie. for workcation in Bali), it would be simply ‘Start early’. You need time, actually a lot of time for searching for the options, to check the possible solutions and to predict unpredictable.

First of all, count the participants and start looking for the accommodation big enough to host your crew. Add extra few places just for last minutes enthusiasts. Check the list of mandatory vaccinations and inform people how important is to care about your health in advance. Force them to visit the doctors and do the examination, as well as fix the teeth defects at the dentist. Take the stockpile of repellents. Remember – a sound mind in a sound body!

Shopping time

Before you start packing, you need to check the luggage limit allowed by your airlines. While shopping for workcation in tropics, look for lightweight alternatives, natural fabrics and multipurpose stuff. It’s a lot of easier to stick to lighter suitcase while you’re heading the warm countries. The packing list prepared in advice can definitely help you stay organised and lean. Share your packing list with somebody who already visited your destination and ask for feedback. It will safe you a pain of unwanted clutter. Remember about the essentials such as basic medicines (plus the spare of those you are taking on a regular basis). And if you’re planning to work during your trip, don’t forget your working equipment. In our case, these are laptops, smartphones and charges to both.

Useful gadgets

Innovation is your superpower nowadays so look for the gadgets that can simplify and streamline your life abroad. Choose good power bank to avoid being disconnected when the power goes down or you’ll stick at the place with no access to power source. Look for the backup phone in case of emergency or a need for the hotspot. Be sure that your phone would be still working abroad or check the conditions of using the local provider service. Consider buying the local sim card especially for longer stay.

Do you have any thoughts or learnings from your own experience? Feel free to share via comments, we are eager to learn! And stay tuned for more news from the workcation frontline!

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