How To Make an App? Follow these 6 steps of Project Setup

If you want to make a mobile or web app, you will go through 7 stages of the app development process. In this article, you can read about each of them.

Before your development team will start writing a code, they have to set up your project. How does it look like? Below you can find 6 steps of Project Setup.

  1. Creating a repository for the project at GitHub or another web-based hosting service
  2. Continuous Integration setup
  3. A beta distribution tool setup on CI platform (e.g. Hockey App, App Center, or Fabric)
  4. Choosing a code architecture, libraries & SDKs
  5. Project Setup in IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  6. App Registration in Google Play Console, Firebase API Console, and other services if needed

In this article, you can read more about the Project Setup and the above listed steps.

This article is a part of the series “Mobile & Web App Development – 7 Stages You Need To Know” which covers the following topics:

  1. Clarifying the Vision
  2. Choosing a Partner
  3. Wireframes & Design
  4. Project Kick-off & Setup
  5. Development – Scrum
  6. Development – Programming
  7. Development – Quality Assurance
  8. Release Preparation
  9. App Maintenance

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