How to Create Fancy Screen Transitions Used in Walkthrough in Android Google Drive App

Recently I found very cool introduction screen in Google Drive App visible above. I really like Google color transition between screens. It was my inspiration to create this cool color transition by myself.

Testing Dagger 2 with Espresso, Mockito & Robolectric

Dagger 2 brings us @Component and @Module – annotations which imply less boilerplate code, but unfortunately, make our project less testable. In this article, I will show a project, which is using Dagger 2 and is testable with frameworks like Mockito, Espresso or Robolectric.

How to Generate Java Sources Using buildSrc Gradle Project and Codemodel

Generate Java sources using buildSrc Gradle project and Codemodel. Check out these helpful tips.

Differences Between minSdkVersion, maxSdkVersion, compileSdkVersion and targetSdkVersion

Introduction There are 4 places in build.gradle where Android SDK version can be defined. This article describes their meanings and purposes. All of them are connected with the concept of API level. In general, it corresponds to Android system version and the newer device and system the higher API level is. Certain parts of Android […]

Creating PagerTitleStrip with Current Page Indicator Only

How to Create PagerTitleStrip with Current Page Indicator Only

Create PagerTitleStrip only with Current Page Indicator. Find out, how to do this!

avoid OutOfMemoryErrors

Using Processes to Avoid OutOfMemoryErrors

Do you want to increase available memory (heap) size? Check out this simple trick and avoid utOfMemoryErrors!