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Top Mobile and Web App Development Companies from Poland – Grouped by Mastered Technology

The quality-price ratio isn’t the only argument for choosing a development team from Poland. We’ve listed 16 of the hottest technologies worldwide, all used by Polish developers.

Outsource Your Mobile App Development to Poland

Price-quality ratio? That’s not enough

If you want to develop an app, you’re probably already facing a dilemma – do it in-house or outsource? If you outsource, then how do you choose a team? From your own country or maybe from abroad?

Many companies consider outsourcing development to Poland, or generally East Europe, primarily because of price-quality ratios. There is absolutely no doubt that teams from this part of the world are cheaper than those based in the likes of Silicon Valley, for example.

What’s more, the level of education, language skills, and Agile approach are all other advantages of Polish teams. Yet, in our opinion, these are not the most important arguments for outsourcing your app development to Poland.

So what’s more important? – you’re probably asking yourself. In our opinion – the culture of exchanging knowledge & experience, which results in a high level of developers skills.

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Theoreticians and practitioners side by side

In Innovators written by Walter Isaacson, we can read that the element necessary for innovation is an environment conducive to experimentation, open to entrepreneurship, and without fossilized hierarchical structure. Putting theoreticians and practitioners side by side and creating space for free exchange of ideas leads to great results.

This is what is currently happening in Poland. We are now in a period of transition from a pure outsourcing model to advisory activities based on knowledge, experience, and innovation. Openness to the exchange of experiences & knowledge that characterize the Polish IT scene is a kind of hub for the exchange of ideas by theoreticians and practitioners – in the organizational and business layer.

Initiatives integrating the community – locally and on a nationwide scale

There are lots of smaller and larger initiatives integrating the community locally, as well as on a nationwide scale. Such examples start from meetups (like WarsawJS Meetup, TOAST-Android Developers Meetup), IT experts groups (like Geek Girls Carrots in 14 Polish cities or Google Developers Groups), conferences for developers (like Boiling Frogs), and range to creating IT associations (like IT Corner) that bring together companies from all over the industry.

The completeness of these elements and the innovative approach to the work, supported by years of experience, makes Polish companies able to deliver great software products.

Below, we have listed for you 16 innovative technologies, which are getting increasing amounts of worldwide attention worldwide, that you can find among the competences of Polish software houses.

16 hottest technologies worldwide, used by Polish Software Companies🇵🇱

The following list is our subjective choice. It includes technologies and solutions that, according to our observations, have been enjoying large and growing interest in the global developer community in recent months. The list is fairly open.

For each technology, we have also provided examples of Polish software houses which have the given technology in their offer. While researching, we took into account companies’ Github, their websites, and blogs.

1. Serverless

Serverless Outsource Your Mobile App Development to Poland

Serverless computing consists of hosting and executing small pieces of code. You are charged for the resources actually consumed, rather than a fixed monthly fee.

With Serverless, you can focus on application logic. Development and deployment are very fast. All the boilerplate elements, like system configuration, database, hosting, backup, hardware etc, are managed by a service provider, without involving development team resources. DevOps/Administration costs are minimized. Moreover, the application is scaled automatically.

📌 Suggested company: Droids On Roids

2. NodeJS

Node.js Outsource Your Mobile App Development to Poland

Node.js is a multiplatform, server-side runtime environment. It also contains its own package manager called npm. Because it uses Chrome’s engine, it is usually quite fast.

Node.js has built one of the largest ecosystems in the world. Virtually most famous and well-known companies, such as Uber, Linkedin or Medium, use node.js. There are millions of packages and millions of people in the community, so it should be pretty easy to find a solution to any given problem and a development team with node.js knowledge.

📌 Suggested company: MonterailDroids On Roids

3. vue.js

Vue.js Outsource Your Mobile App Development to Poland

Vue.js is a lightweight JavaScript-based framework for building web user interfaces. It is designed to be highly adaptable. The main advantage of vue.js is excellent integration with HTML. It has become popular due to its simplicity and ability to be quickly learned by developers.

📌 Suggested company: DivanteMonterail, Ratio Web, Naturaily

4. Flutter

Flutter Mobile App Development Poland

Flutter is a mobile app SDK for iOS and Android. It allows users to write an application once and run it on both platforms.

Flutter is an open-source project currently actively maintained and promoted by Google, gathering a significant developers community. Due to the fact it is officially supported, it will probably become more popular and usable than existing similar 3rd party frameworks like Cordova.

📌 Suggested company: Droids On Roids, Miquido

5. Go

Goland Mobile App Development Poland

Go is a compiled programming language designed by Google. It combines the performance of low-level languages with high-level brevity. Go is actively maintained by Google. It also has a highly growing number of developers in the community. A couple the largest and most famous companies in the world, like Dropbox, Docker, BBC and even Apple, use Go.

📌 Suggested company: Appliscale, GogoApps

6. Reactive programming

Reactive Programming Poland

Reactive programming (widely known as Rx) is a programming paradigm related to data streams. Libraries from the Rx family are available for virtually all common programming languages. There is a huge open-source community and lots of content available on the internet.

📌 Suggested company: EL PassionDroids On Roids

7. Kotlin

Kotlin Mobile App Development Poland

Kotlin is a modern programming language. It has full interop with Java and Android. It is also the new official language for native Android apps and it can also be compiled to JavaScript. Due to its compact syntax, it is usually easier, faster (and cheaper) to develop the same functionality in Kotlin than in Java.

📌 Suggested company: EL Passion, NetguruDroids On Roids

8. AI & Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is an ability to maximizing the chances of successfully completing some task by machines. With Machine Learning, they can constantly improve performance and/or accuracy. AI and ML are widely used for processing large amounts of data e.g. images, voice or videos. It has become broadly supported by Android and iOS cores.

📌 Suggested company: Tooploox, SoftwareMill

9. PWA

Progressive Web Apps are websites that act similarly to native mobile apps. They can be quickly installed by users and can work offline. More and more people use mobile devices, rather than desktop, when browsing websites. On the other hand, however, the time spent on websites on mobile is usually less than on desktop. PWA tries to work both of these factors to its advantage. The technology is also supported by Google.

📌 Suggested company: MonterailNetguru

10. TensorFlow

Tensor Flow Mobile App Development Poland

TensorFlow is a library for machine learning, dataflow programming and neural networks. It is suitable for AI tasks like image or voice recognition. TensorFlow is a product of Google, officially supported and open-source. It is one of the most famous projects in the world and it can be easily used by Android apps.

📌 Suggested company:  Tooploox

11. React Native

React Native Mobile App Development Poland

React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. ReactNative is an extension allowing to use of React for mobile app development. With React Native, it is possible to write an app once and build it for both Android and iOS. The performance of such an app is much closer to truly native apps than using hybrid frameworks like Cordova. React and React Native are open source products from Facebook and have a large community.

📌 Suggested company: Callstack 

12. IoT

The Internet of Things is a wide range of devices connected to the internet, from different kinds of light bulbs through to vehicles and smart weather sensors. They are often accessed by users from their mobile devices. The IoT can be used to build smart things like smart houses or even smart cities. Such devices connected to the internet can be remotely controlled by users.

📌 Suggested company:  Droids On Roids

13. Android Things

Android App Development PolandAndroid Things is a base for building IoT projects (devices + systems + apps). It consists of an operating system as well as an SDK and reference hardware. Android Things allows for using the well known operating system and its frameworks, instead of custom embedded solutions. The same team can develop a mobile app and onboard device software.

📌 Suggested company: Droids On Roids, Polidea

14. Blockchain

blockchain app development poland

Blockchain is a chain of verified records (blocks). They can be used to store various kinds of transactions. Blocks are secured via cryptography and replicated to all the network nodes, making it impossible to alter them in the future. Blockchain is widely used by cryptocurrencies but it is also suitable for other cases when data cannot be altered or faked, such as contracts, land registration and so on.

📌 Suggested company: Pragmatic coders

15. AR/VR/MR

In Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, real-world objects coexist with artificial ones. For example, you may see 3D virtual elements inside a piece of paper, which is itself flat in reality. AR/VR/MR apps are very attractive and give users great, realistic experiences. The can provide content not achievable using other techniques.

📌 Suggested company: 3R STUDIODroids On Roids

16. Microservices

In Microservice Architecture, components are highly decoupled. Small parts are easily testable and exchangeable. Due to loose coupling, updates and changes in each, microservices are cheap and fast when compared to monolithic architectures. Comparing it analogously to photography, you can buy a cheap point-and-shoot camera and more expensive SLR/MILC. However if, for example, the lens turns out to not be suitable in the first case, you need to replace the whole camera whereas, on the other hand, you can just replace the lens itself for the SLR/MILC.

📌 Suggested company: DivanteDroids On Roids

The last, but not least is Google Duplex – an artificial intelligence agent. It’s not released yet. We hope that it will appear in Polish software houses as fast as the above-listed technologies.

Wrap up

To sum up, in our opinion it’s worth considering outsourcing your mobile app development to Poland. Quality-price ratio is the important motivator, but it’s not the only one.

In Poland, you can find many software houses using the hottest technologies and IT solutions, gaining interest in a worldwide developers community. If you want an app which will be successful and outstanding, the Polish direction is the right direction.

Good luck with your app! 🚀

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