Perks & benefits


Workcation 2017

Have you ever tried workcation? We have! We were in Bali at the end of August 2016. Join us and prepare for future Workcation Project somewhere in a similar exotic place. More info very soon.

Private Healthcare

Fast, kind and accurate Medicover services on your command.


Swimming pools, gyms, aquaparks and many more.


Pick what fits you best. Computer, mouse, keyboard, accessories etc.

Office in the city center

It is easy to get there by bike, car, tram or even a skateboard

Flexible hours

Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, cozy nest full of tech waits for you.


Sandwiches, fresh fruits, freshly ground coffee, variety of tea types, yerba mate, ice creams, yoghurt with granola and seasonal fruits!

Team retreats

Every 6 months we go away for a whole weekend to party, exercise and simply relax!

Developers meetups

Share your knowledge with others regularly during developers meetings.


Attend the best tech events out there on our cost. Transport, sleep, food and tickets are covered!

Language lessons

Develop your English skills every week with our native speaker.

Internal workshops and trainings

We organize or we invite pros to teach us how to be better

Books and paid content

We provide you access to the best content available online or offline.