How to Improve UX of Your Mobile App Using Conversational UI

Wondering how to build a friendly and accessible app for people who are not fluent in using mobile devices? With Conversational UI, this is possible. Using the newest technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Voice User Interface, can help you achieve the same results as a normal app. 

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App design & development team

5 Reasons to Design and Develop your App at the Same Software House

If you want your app to rock the world, you have to consider hiring a designer who will ensure it is user-friendly. To make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible, choose a software house which has a designer in its team. Just have a glance at these 5 reasons why it pays […]

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agile estimating for remote teams

How to Make Agile Estimating Easy for Remote Teams

How can you estimate your Product Backlog if you are in a remote team? It doesn’t have to be a nightmare! This simple method will make your estimation process effective, quick and convenient.

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Product Backlog Estimation - Team Estimation Game

The Best Way of Estimating Your Product Backlog Effectively and Quickly

With this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to our proven way of estimating Product Backlog items (PBIs) effectively and quickly. The method itself is called “Team Estimation Game”. Check out the rules and best practices!

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How to make Android more Rx – 5 tips & tricks

If you’re using RxJava in your daily routine, probably one day you’ll reach the point where you want to… put RxJava everywhere! Let me give you 5 practical pieces of advice. 

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Publishing Android App on The Google Play Store

How to Publish an Android App on The Google Play Store – Useful Tips

Do you want to submit your Android app to the Google Play Store? Discover practical tips, useful links, crucial checklists – all in one place – and check out what has changed in the app publishing workflow! 

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Android animation with transitions framework

Workcation App – Part 4. Shared Element Transition with RecyclerView and Scenes

Discover how to show details layout with Shared Element Transition with Scene Framework!

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Publishing an iOS App on The Apple Store - step by step

How to Publish an iOS App on The App Store – Practical Tips

Preparing to publish your iOS App on the iOS App Store? Perfect! We gathered for you practical tips, useful links and crucial checklists, which will help you to submit your app to the iOS store. All you need in one place!

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creating gradle plugin in kotlin

How to Create a Gradle Plugin in Kotlin

Are you going to create a Gradle plugin in Kotlin? Check out these useful tips!

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Creating an Android Alarm Clock App using NFC

Building A Relentless Android Alarm Clock. Part 1 – NFC

Ever feel like falling prey to the well known snooze syndrome in the morning? Do you have a strong resolve in the evening to get up early, and then an even stronger resentment towards actually having to get up? Struggle no more, for the tables are finally turning! The rescue arrives disguised as a relentless […]

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The basic Google Cast v3 tutorial

How to Implement Google Cast v3 in Your Android App – Helpful Library

Do you want to support Chromecast in your Android app so yours app’s users can stream media on their TVs? If yes, you will need to add Google Cast v3 into your Android App. I prepared for you small Android library – must-read which will make your implementation process simple, fast and agile. Enjoy!   

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New Android O – what does it mean to you as a developer?

A few days ago, Google announced info about the new developer preview version of Android O: Android Developers: O-MG, the Developer Preview of Android O is here! Since Android N, Google is trying to take control over the battery-consuming background processes. It’s caused, for example, by implicit intents and apps registered for receiving broadcasts based […]

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SpringAnimation header image

Introduction to SpringAnimation with examples

Have you ever wanted to do a bouncy animation like one of these on Android? If you have, you’re in for a treat! Dynamic-animation is a new module introduced in revision 25.3.0 of the Android Support Library. It provides a small set of classes for making realistic physics-based view animations. You might say “whatever, I’m just gonna slap a BounceInterpolator or an OvershootInterpolator on my […]

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5 Slack Integrations To Boost Your Team Communication

What Airbnb, Buzzfeed, NASA, Salesforce and Droids On Roids have in common? We all use Slack! It is undeniably one of the best and most commonly used communication tools. Why? Because it is very simple to customize and make it the best tool not only to message other people but also to express a lot of feelings! Everyone knows […]

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Workcation App – Part 3. RecyclerView interaction with Animated Markers

Welcome to the second of series of posts about my R&D (Research & Development) project I’ve made a while ago. In this blog posts, I want to share my solutions for problems I encountered during the development of an animation idea you’ll see below.

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