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Droids On Roids Team Career Work

We asked 6 devs about working at Droids On Roids. Here’s what they said

The latest and coolest tech. Outstanding people. Epic adventures – that’s how Droids On Roids’ devs describe working in our company. Discover their stories and take a look inside the team!

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code review

Code Review – 3 Reasons Why Your App Deserves It

Code Review: find out what it is and why we believe its presence is crucial for successful software development.

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ARKit iOS 11 measuring app

How to Create a Measuring App With ARKit In iOS 11

Learn how to create a basic measuring app using ARKit – a new framework in iOS 11 announced at WWDC 2017. Let’s develop a simple demo app!

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text traps

Edge Cases to Keep in Mind. Part 1 – Text

No matter if you are a software developer, a copywriter or you’re just writing an e-mail, text has many traps you need to be aware of. Some may cause numerous issues, from bugs in your app through visual artifacts to even victims! Let’s take a look at how we can avoid them.  Background Text (aka […]

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5 Things You Were Wondering About Developing Bluetooth Low Energy iOS Apps

Is it possible for an app to handle multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices simultaneously? Can I stream music via Bluetooth Classic to my Bluetooth speakers and communicate via BLE? Check out the answers for these and other crucial questions regarding BLE technology on iOS.

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Face detection

Face and Face’s Landmarks Detection Using Vision Framework in iOS 11

Some time ago, I made a tutorial on how to use face detection in AVFoundation. This time, I would like to show you how to do this using Apple’s new Vision framework, presented at WWDC 2017.

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What's new in Xcode9

What’s New in Xcode 9 – Highlights from WWDC 2017

Most of us iOS developers use Xcode for daily work. At WWDC 2017, Apple showed us the latest version of this tool – Xcode 9. I would like to briefly show you the best changes in new version of the IDE.

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Struct Realm CoreData NSkeyedArchiver

Persisting Struct with Sourcery Magic

Is it possible to persist struct on iOS? This is a great question since most available solutions require a type of Object/NSManagedObject/NSObject. How about wrappers? But they are so boring to write… Find out how to deal with this problem!

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Publishing an iOS App on The Apple Store - step by step

How to Publish an iOS App on The App Store – Practical Tips

Preparing to publish your iOS App on the iOS App Store? Perfect! We gathered for you practical tips, useful links and crucial checklists, which will help you to submit your app to the iOS store. All you need in one place!

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What’s new in AVFoundation in iOS 10

With iOS 10 we are getting some new features which can improve camera usage in our apps. I would briefly talk about three of them.

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Add elements to an array like a pro

It’s well known that merging arrays through plus operator cause the compilation process to take much longer. But what about an execution time? As could be expected the winner can be only one.

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Face tracking with AVFoundation

Face tracking is an interesting feature which is available in iOS since it’s 5th version. In this tutorial I would like to show you how to implement it in Swift 3.0.

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Notifications in iOS 10

With iOS 10, tvOS 10 and watchOS 3 launch Apple introduced the new UserNotifications framework. It supports the delivery and handling of local and remote notifications. Cool, but you can say that it was already possible through UIKit and classes like UILocalNotification or dictionaries for remote notifications. And you’re completely right, but these new possibilities, in particular, are extremely convenient and powerful. Take a look at it with me!

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3D Touch in Swift 3.0

With the introduction of iPhone 6S, Apple presented new feature called 3D Touch. It is a new layer on device’s screen that can detect the force of our touch. 3D Touch allows developers to provide users with the bunch of new experiences when using the app. 3D Touch API can handle three different use cases of […]

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How to spice up your app with iOS 10 magic?

Since September 7th iOS 10 Golden Master is available. That means in a few days there should be also the first initial public release of it. And that’s pretty awesome. I really enjoyed all the previous betas on my iPhone and can’t wait for the public seed available for everyone! But what does it mean for developers?

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