How to become Quality Assurance Professional - tips

How to Report Bugs so that
Developers Won’t Hate you – 7 tips
for Quality Assurance Professionals


How should a Quality Assurance Professional communicate with a Developer? In the article, you will find 7 must-read tips that will help you avoid conflicts and make your cooperation more enjoyable and productive.

Outsource Your Mobile App Development to Poland

16 Reasons to Outsource Your Mobile and Web App Development to Poland


Discover that not only quality-price ratio is an argument for choosing a development team from Poland. We listed for you 16 hottest technologies worldwide, all used by Polish developers.

How to Create Bitrise Step in Go - Flutter Example

How to Create Bitrise Step in Go – Flutter Example


In this article, we will show you how to create & publish your own Bitrise step on the example of Flutter. We will focus on programming in Go which is the main language used by Bitrise. 

Why Flutter in Mobile App Development

Flutter in Mobile App Development – Pros & Risks for App Owners


What Flutter is? How can it make your app outstanding and beautiful? What are Flutter pros & cons? Is it a good idea for every mobile app development?

GDPR meaning app development

What does GDPR mean for Mobile App Owners? – 12 Use Cases


In this article, you will find 12 useful GDPR Use Cases for App Owners, Product Owners and everyone who wants to develop a mobile app

Junior Developer Job Interview – Questions Which Can Surprise You

Junior Developer Job Interview – Questions Which Can Surprise You


Do you want to get a job as a junior developer? Right from the start, you need to know that your profession is much wider than you thought and an employer will want you to know more. Why? Let me explain.

2018 Tech Events You Can’t Miss (Recommended By Our Team)


Based on our experience we’ve created the list of some cool tech, design and business events happening in 2018!

Professional Developer: What Does It Mean?


How can you become a professional & satisfied developer? At first, I was exhausted and irritated but, fortunately, I managed to change it. I created a list of rules for myself which I want to share with you. 

Droids On Roids Team Career Work

We asked 6 devs about working at Droids On Roids. Here’s what they said


The latest and coolest tech. Outstanding people. Epic adventures – that’s how Droids On Roids’ devs describe working in our company. Discover their stories and take a look inside the team!

code review

Code Review – 3 Reasons Why Your App Deserves It


Code Review: find out what it is and why we believe its presence is crucial for successful software development.

ARKit iOS 11 measuring app

How to Create a Measuring App With ARKit In iOS 11


Learn how to create a basic measuring app using ARKit – a new framework in iOS 11 announced at WWDC 2017. Let’s develop a simple demo app!

text traps

Edge Cases to Keep in Mind. Part 1 – Text


No matter if you are a software developer, a copywriter or you’re just writing an e-mail, text has many traps you need to be aware of. Some may cause numerous issues, from bugs in your app through visual artefacts to even victims! Let’s take a look at how we can avoid them.  Background Text (aka […]


5 Things You Were Wondering About Developing Bluetooth Low Energy iOS Apps


Is it possible for an app to handle multiple Bluetooth Low Energy devices simultaneously? Can I stream music via Bluetooth Classic to my Bluetooth speakers and communicate via BLE? Check out the answers for these and other crucial questions regarding BLE technology on iOS.

Face detection

Face and Face’s Landmarks Detection Using Vision Framework in iOS 11


Some time ago, I made a tutorial on how to use face detection in AVFoundation. This time, I would like to show you how to do this using Apple’s new Vision framework, presented at WWDC 2017.