Hyperion - App Debugging & Inspection Tool for Android

Hyperion – the “Swiss Army Knife” within your App

What is Hyperion? Why it is worth to use it? What are the core and third-party plugins examples? How to display device info inside your debug menu? Find the answers in this article. 

Splitting Pull Request

How to Split Pull Requests – Good Practices, Methods and Git Strategies

6 good practices, 7 methods, and 4 Git Strategies for Pull Request creating and splitting.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Grant Manual Tester Access to the Code

When a manual tester wants to automate. Why you shouldn’t be afraid of giving QA specialists access to a repository and how to do it smart.

Mobile and Web App Development Stages

Mobile & Web App Development – 7 Stages You Need To Know

This article series describes the 7 crucial Stages of the Mobile & Web App Development Process from a Business point of view. It is an essential guide for current and future App Owners.

How to Report Bugs so that Developers Won’t Hate you

How to Report Bugs so that Developers Won’t Hate you – 7 tips
for Quality Assurance Professionals

How should a Quality Assurance Professional communicate with a Developer? In the article, you will find 7 must-read tips that will help you avoid conflicts and make your cooperation more enjoyable and productive.