Hyperion - App Debugging & Inspection Tool for Android

Hyperion – the “Swiss Army Knife” within your App


What is Hyperion? Why it is worth to use it? What are the core and third-party plugins examples? How to display device info inside your debug menu? Find the answers in this article. 

Splitting Pull Request

How to Split Pull Requests – Good Practices, Methods and Git Strategies


6 good practices, 7 methods, and 4 Git Strategies for Pull Request creating and splitting.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Grant Manual Tester Access to the Code


When a manual tester wants to automate. Why you shouldn’t be afraid of giving QA specialists access to a repository and how to do it smart.

Mobile and Web App Development Stages

Mobile & Web App Development
– 7 Stages You Need To Know


This article series describes the 7 crucial Stages of the Mobile & Web App Development Process from a Business point of view. It is an essential guide for current and future App Owners.

How to become Quality Assurance Professional - tips

How to Report Bugs so that
Developers Won’t Hate you – 7 tips
for Quality Assurance Professionals


How should a Quality Assurance Professional communicate with a Developer? In the article, you will find 7 must-read tips that will help you avoid conflicts and make your cooperation more enjoyable and productive.