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agile estimating for remote teams

How to Make Agile Estimating Easy for Remote Teams

How can you estimate your Product Backlog if you are in a remote team? It doesn’t have to be a nightmare! This simple method will make your estimation process effective, quick and convenient.

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Product Backlog Estimation - Team Estimation Game

The Best Way of Estimating Your Product Backlog Effectively and Quickly

With this blog post, we’d like to introduce you to our proven way of estimating Product Backlog items (PBIs) effectively and quickly. The method itself is called “Team Estimation Game”. Check out the rules and best practices!

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Scrum Master – How to get ready and pass the PSM I exam at

Getting ready for Professional Scrum Master™ I Assessment? The best tip we can offer from our experience is to set a goal not only for passing the exam but to getting a good hang of what does being a professional Scrum Master really means. With a proper mindset focused on how to use Scrum in practice […]

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5 Top JIRA Tips & Tricks I Wish I Knew 1 Year Ago

Hidden functions make our life easier and save our time. This is especially crucial when we work with a tool on a daily basis. Here are the best JIRA tips!

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Annoying duties? Here are 5 tips on how to motivate people to do them

Every company struggles with some “administration-like” problems. How to motivate coworkers to do the annoying duties they dislike?

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Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time – book review

Review of the book written by Jeff Sutherland (Scrum co-founder) “Scrum. The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time.”

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