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Setting animation scale for Android UI tests

This post describes how to disable animations on Android device or AVD before running UI tests (especially Espresso-powered) in reliable way.

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How to speak to developer — Designers’ Cheatsheet

Communication between designer and developer is essential to the project success — so far, so obvious and we all know it, right? But the reality very often challenges us with communication issues that nobody’s expected because we’re all focusing on the natural flow of work and the great results we’d like to achieve.

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Sketch features that made me forget about Photoshop

While working on our latest project, I got really frustrated with Photoshop. I’ve just got a brand new MacBook Pro, the project has just started and it already took ages for my Photoshop to run a simple PSD file. This is it, we have to look for a new solution here. People were talking around […]

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