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Social app for positive and supporting community allowing teenagers to express themselves without feeling judged

Impactful Digital Product

App helps students in their everyday life

A-Z Product Development Services

Client consulted, designed and developed product in one place

Fast Time To Market

The whole solution was developed in four months


Their communication is very clear, and they are very accommodating. They are a very easy company to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone out there looking to develop an app. I’ve been most impressed by their organization. Their open communication policy is noteworthy, as is their willingness to work with us and implement our vision accordingly without leading us astray or going down a different path. They really want to see our vision come to life, and they’ve not only been accommodating but also encouraging.

Domenico Pilato, Gino Di Leva CEO & CMO BPlucky

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Share Your Story

Choose to create and share a personal and helpful video on your challenges, how they affect you, and what you’re doing to positively work through them. Encourage others to always stay on the right path, reminding them that, like you, they can accomplish anything. Be heard! Be accepted! Be awesome!


Check out the full collection of student videos. Listen and learn from others as they share their own struggles and positive solutions. Know that you are never traveling the road alone on your journey. Be validated!


Be inspired by celebrities, athletes and public figures by watching their inspirational videos made specifically for you!

The Lookout

Dive deeper into finding helpful solutions to your challenges with bplucky’s one-stop center for mental health and wellness resources. It’s an easy way to access a variety of apps, hotlines and websites.

Build a mobile app with experts with 12 years of experience

Our experts help with the whole process from idea to app release

Not ready for an estimate? Write to us and book a Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.

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