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Looksie Buyer

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App for shoppers to discover, buy and promote products through the social feed in an enjoyable and playful way


Their collaborative approach has made Droid On Roids a trusted partner. They're accommodating, skilled, and timely. Customers can expect a team that truly listens and invests in their clients.

Hashem Alshakhas Founder & CEO, Looksie

App screens

App features

Explore generated content

Not sure what to buy or want just to discover something new? Generator brings you a new shopping experience

Search for your “it”

Category trees, a search engine and filters will help to find your “it” on Looksie

Follow shops and friends

Stay up to date with their news and shopping trends

Chat on Looksie

Connect with everyone directly and instantly

Get notifications

Stay updated with social and shopping notifications

Buy products

Buy products securely using multiple payment and delivery methods

Share your shopping experience

Build a shopping community with us and help small businesses be discovered by sharing products and writing posts

Manage purchases

Take control of your orders by tracking them and making easy returns

Manage your profile

Edit your social profile and app preferences

Build a mobile app with experts with 12 years of experience

Our experts help with the whole process from idea to app release

Not ready for an estimate? Write to us and book a Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.

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