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Vocal Studio

USA / mattfarnsworthvoice.com

Matt Farnsworth's iOS app with vocal exercises, extensive educational information and several tips and tools to learn how to sing.

Our challenge

Design and built interactive extension of singing lessons with the teacher.

Our solution

iOS app with patented algorithm system that creates a dedicated warm-up based on user voice with wide range for different vocal exercises to train and practice singing skills.

The Droids On Roids team was just great. They were very understanding. They always did what they said they were going to do.

Matt Farnsworth Owner

Main Features

Revolutionary keyboard

Automatically programmed keyboard helps the practice based on the information user provided earlier.

Custom selection of content

A warm-up designed specifically for the user through the questionnaire based on patented algorithm system.

Phones & tablets support

Responsive design and programming allow using the app across different devices.

Video lessons

App provides high resolution videos designed for amateur and professional singers.

In-App Payments

Videos are organized in free or paid packages available to purchase in the app.

Custom Made CMS to manage the app

We made simple and easy content management system to allow our client to create new content and monitor sales.


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