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    Everything about Droids On Roids is extraordinary. It all starts with their ability to LISTEN and ask questions. They give feedback where it is needed, but they focus on designing the solution that’s in your head, not theirs.

    With Flutter, leveraged by Droids On Roids, we save time and money without compromising on the quality.

    Reed Zupancic

    Vice President of Development, Storeroom Logix

    We see Droids On Roids not only as a contractor of our order but also as a trustworthy partner.

    We appreciate their openness, flexibility, meticulousness, technical competence, and in particular, project management skills. We could constantly monitor the progress of work and flexibly introduce changes.

    Michał Pachnik

    Ecommerce Campaigns & Mobile APP Manager, CCC.eu

    Droids On Roids’ team is highly skilled and motivated. I enjoyed their flexibility, customer focus, and personal, transparent communication style. The time-to-market was fast, and we could build additional features after getting feedback from users

    The project was a success and our users are praising the apps for their usability and functionality.

    Marek Stark PO CPOT NCC

    Marek Stark

    Technical Project Manager, NCC

    I can’t praise them enough when it comes to project management. Their process is exceptionally well-thought-out.

    We were thrilled with the results. Their forecasting was incredibly accurate. They were great at estimating the workload and forecasting the hours and cost involved. There was dynamic communication. It was impressive

    Max Zschoch

    Co-Founder & CPO, HoneyBee

    I highly valued Droids On Roids engagement and proactivity. They truly want to be a part of your company and push you towards achieving the desired results. All that with empathy, transparency and partnership.

    On top of that, they are really flexible and act at speed whenever the team needs to be scaled up or down.

    Artur Zasztowt

    R&D Director, Nice To Fit You