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Are you wondering how to choose the best mobile app development company for your project? Our team consists of top mobile app developers. Read our clients reviews, view examples of our projects, and ask us questions. to find out if we are the mobile app development company you are looking for.


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iOS App Development

Bring your ideas to life using Swift or Dart supported by native iOS libraries or Flutter

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Android App Development

Delight customers with a secure, yet user-friendly app built in Kotlin and Dart (Flutter)

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Web App Development

Smash your KPIs with our agile and proactive approach to web app development

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Digital Product Design

Focus on product design and UX / UI to launch beautifully designed apps

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See why our clients see us as a reliable long-term partner

We see Droids On Roids not only as a contractor of our order but also as a trustworthy partner who served us with their knowledge and skills. We appreciate their openness, flexibility, meticulousness, technical competence, and in particular, project management skills.

CCC Shoes and Bags mobile commerce app
Michał Pachnik, Ecommerce Campaigns & Mobile APP Manager

Droids On Roids team has consistently done a superb job with communication, strategy, and execution throughout the process of launching a complex, graphics intensive application. Despite working an ocean apart, we see our Droid team as true collaborators.

Giphy Cam – App for creating & sharing funny gifs
Joe Saavedra
GIPHY CAM, Product Manager

I can’t praise them enough when it comes to project management. It was excellent. Their Scrum process is exceptionally well-thought-out. We have standing meetings, a refinement meeting, and a backlog planning meeting. They make my life easy.

HoneyBee - fintech app
Max Zschoch
HoneyBee, Co-Founder & CPO

App design and development were top notch. I can really recommend Droids On Roids as a solid and professional partner. Great communication with the team and transparent planning helped us to achieve development milestones.

Veepee – mobile commerce app
Maciej Dulski
Veepee, CEO

They are relationship-driven, their professionalism and ability to deliver our project on time and on budget were exemplary and second to none. So if you want an amazing mobile app delivered within budget, according to spec and on time you call Droids On Roids.

AiHire – App for candidate assessment in recruitment
Mark Derugeriis
AI Hire, Founder

Droids on Roids’ communication with us was steady and reliable, while their code quality was clean on both Android and iOS platforms. They stayed up-to-date on different coding languages and the team was very organized.

Skybuds – App for managing wireless earphones
Jamie Roberts Seltzer

Working with the Droids On Roids team was an exceptional treat. Their meticulous attention to detail and clarity around communicating road blocksand deadlines is unparalleled in software consulting. The app that we shipped is solid and looks great.

Electric Objects – Digital display app and mobile app controlling it
Lisa Neigut
Electric Objects, Android Engineer

About mobile & web app development with Droids on Roids

Don’t spend time building your own team. Start working on your app right away

Droids On Roids is a mobile & web development company from Poland established in 2011. We offer full-stack mobile, web, and backend services. Being a 100% office-based team of 55+ talented professionals, we serve clients throughout the world, mostly in the US, UK, and European Union. We have worked on over 130 digital products and apps. We cooperate with start-ups, brands end enterprise companies. Over 30 000 apps like Facebook or WhatsApp use our open source libraries in their famous products.

Our services include native iOS development, native Android development, Flutter app development, React Native app development, frontend & backend web development, Product Design Workshops, UX/UI design, and app maintenance.

We would love to be a long-term partner for your business and take the whole mobile & web app development process off your shoulders.

As an award-winning mobile & web app development company, we know how to create top-notch apps for a wide range of industries – Mobile Commerce, Finance, Business, IOT, Lifestyle, Photo & video, Healthcare & Med Tech and Social just to name a few.

Choose Droids On Roids as your outsourcing app developer to:

  • attend a Kick-off meeting where we define your role as a Product Owner, clarify every role in the team, set the rules we want to follow, and plan the work to do.
  • create a UX & UI design consistent with your brand, and adapted to the newest iOS & Android guidelines
  • stay updated on the current project status and have direct access to your dedicated team
  • get a crash-free app with robust code thanks to our 6-steps Quality Assurance>

If you are not ready for your mobile or web app development, start with the Product Design Workshop to clarify the business vision of your product. The workshop you be clear about business goals, technical requirements, and the development approach.

Based on what we work out during the workshop, we create wireframes to lay the structure of your MVP application out, and we prepare a detailed estimation with a split for each platform and user story. What is more, you get the complete documentation necessary to start your mobile or web app development.

If you already have the complete documentation, don’t hesitate to estimate your project.

Proven experience and reviews

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Our Open Source libraries are used by more than 30 000 apps helping millions of users everyday

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How to choose the right Mobile App Development Company for your project?

You’ve decided to make an app with a professional mobile app development company. The process of choosing the right partner may seem challenging for businesses or entrepreneurs, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

If you want to pick the best mobile app development for your needs, probably you’re wondering how to do that.

We recommend you to verify a few factors when considering cooperation with a mobile app development company. Here’s a checklist:

  • Check out their portfolio. Have they built products similar to yours? Do they have experience in working with companies from your industry?
  • Check their profile and clients’ reviews on
  • Ask for detailed information about the code. Will you have full ownership of the code created by the company? Will the code be hosted in code repositories like Bitbucket or Github? Make sure the code will be written in English.
  • Learn how do they organize the process of mobile app development. What tools do they use? Do they work in Scrum or other Agile frameworks?
  • Consult the Independent Contractor Agreement with a lawyer before signing it.
  • Compare the estimation you get with the estimation from another company.

If you want to learn more about each of the above points, read our guide for businesses on how to choose the best mobile app development company.

How much does it cost to develop an app with Mobile App Development Company in 2020

In our experience, the best way to talk about the cost of mobile app development is by thinking about it in terms of complexity. And so:

  • Basic applications cost around $29,500.
  • Medium-complexity applications will range from $29,500-$50,500
  • Complex applications that require building a complicated architecture and multiple integrations or meeting high security demands cost even more than $50,000

This rough estimate can serve as your starting point in understanding how much it really costs to develop a mobile app. Read a in-depth analysis of mobile app development cost in 2020.

How does Mobile App Development process look like?

Here are the most important phases in mobile app development you should know before jumping on the mobile bandwagon.

Phase 1: Discovery

During this phase, you need to strategize and define the experience your app will deliver to its users. Who is the target audience? What problem will the app solve? An important deliverable of this phase is a solid product roadmap and the detailed technical requirements document. A 3-day Product Design Workshop is can help you to go through this phase successfully.

Phase 2: Mobile app development

The development team writes the code and realize your app idea. The duration of this phase will depend on the number of features and complexity. Note that testing will take place during the development phase as well.

Once your app has been developed and approved by the app store, it’s time for the launch!

Phase 3: Maintenance, support, and further development

Once your app is downloaded and used by real users, it’s worth to listen closely to their feedback. This will help you determine which features should be built next, or what you need to change in your product to deliver an even better experience.

Read about how to build a mobile app step by step to understand the process deeply.

If you are a beginner in the area of mobile app development and you want to broaden your knowledge before choosing a mobile app development company for your project – go deeper into the basics:

What is a mobile application?

A mobile app is a type of application designed to run on a mobile device, which can be a smartphone or tablet computer.

Contrary to apps designed for desktop computers, mobile apps move away from integrated software systems. Instead, each mobile application provides an isolated and limited functionality. For example, it can be a game, a calculator, or a mobile web browser.

Mobile applications are usually developed by a mobile app development company.

When talking about basics of mobile application, it’s worth to mention 3 main types of mobile applications – native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.

What is a native app?

Such apps are built for a single mobile Operating System – mostly for Android or iOS.

They are downloaded and installed via an app store and have access to the system resources, such as GPS and the camera function. Native mobile apps live and run on a device itself. Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google Maps, and Facebook Messenger are examples of popular mobile apps.

What is a web app?

Web apps are not native to a particular system and don’t need to be downloaded or installed. User accesses them via the internet browser. Due to their responsive nature, they do look and function similarly to native mobile apps. They need an active Internet connection to run

What is a hybrid app?

Hybrid apps combine elements of both native and web applications. They are essentially web apps that have been put in a native app shell. To create a hybrid app, developers write only one codebase for both Android and iOS system. One of the most popular platforms to create hybrid apps is Flutter – Google’s mobile app SDK.

What does a Mobile App Development Company do?

In short, mobile app development companies create mobile applications with focus on delivering software that takes advantage of the unique features of mobile device hardware.

In our opinione, a top mobile app development company should be long-term partner who takes the whole app development process off its client’s shoulders. They should have proactive approach – treat your project as their own, and share ideas for the best possible outcomes.

Moreover, a professional mobile app developers should be Agile-driven. As the App Owner you should be involved in the process. Read more about app development with Scrum.

Is software house the same as Mobile App Development company?

Software house is a company that focuses on developing and distributing software products. The goals of a software house vary depending on its client base and specialization.

The types of software companies are:

  • Product-based companies – businesses that develop their own products and then deliver them to end-users.
  • Service-based companies (agencies) – companies that work directly with businesses and provide them with services such as custom software development, consulting, or dedicated development teams. A mobile app development company is this kind of a software house.
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