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Relocation - Grab your bag!

Relocation budget

Living outside of Wrocław and want to move to Wrocław? You get 3000 PLN as a relocation bonus for all necessary stuff.

Our Values

We share common values and that makes us a great team

  • Ambition

    Our goal is to be the very best. We constantly take up new challenges & develop ourselves.

  • Responsibility

    We are aware that our work has an influence on other people’s work, so we keep to the commitments that we make.

  • Openess

    We respect that everyone is different and might have his or her own opinion. We are not afraid of changes.

  • Team spirit

    We are a team and we operate like one - we listen, trust and help each other.

  • Drive

    We are passionate about what we do and we inspire the people around us.

How we work

Agile approach & 100% dedication to the project!

Software craftsmanship

Extreme & Pair Programming, Code Review, TDD. We take care of the code quality

One project at a time

We love to be focused, so every team works on just one project at a time


We are agile & work in Scrum. That helps us to divide our project into easily manageable sprints

One Room. One Team. One Client.

We sit in a dedicated enclosed project rooms, providing fewer distractions, better communication, and focus.

Internal projects

We work on initiatives that develop our company


We work in teams consisting of: 2 Developers, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer, 1 Designer, 1 Scrum Master and 1 Product Owner

Test & learn approach

Always. No matter what we do. We are determined to look for the best solutions

Feedback culture

We know how to both give and receive feedback. This makes us even better!

Perks & benefits

The best working conditions and broad self-development possibilities

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

We care about giving you a space to focus on your work always when you need it.



Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, a cozy nest full of tech waits for you at any hour.

26 paid days off

Paid days off

Need time off? Recharge with paid days off to use as you wish.

Budget to spend on training of your choice

Training budget & days off

We give you a budget to spend on conferences and additional 3 days off for it.

Private healthcare (Medicover)

Private healthcare

Don't wait in line! Fast, kind and accurate Medicover services are at your disposal.

Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare

We care about your mental health, so if you feel down you can always get help from a Therapify specialist.

Internal workshops

Internal workshops

We invite pros to teach us how to become better - in both soft & hard skills.

Internal groups meetings

Internal groups meetings

You have time for weekly meetings with the rest of your group to share knowledge and develop your skills.

Remote working

Ask Henry

Let a personal concierge help you with everyday little tasks, so you have more time to relax.



Have a real influence in the IT community and engage in creating our events: Toast, Let Swift, Dribbble & LogCat.


Macbook & software

We work on Macbooks Pro and you’ll get one as well on your first day, together with any software you need.

Additional accessories for your computer

Additional accessories

Craft your ideal work environment and choose: monitors, mouse, keyboard, earphones, face mask :) and more.

Books, access to paid content and more

Books & paid content

Dive into reading your favourites books or magazines. We provide you with access to the best content and company Kindles.



Stay fit & move a bit!! Swimming pools, gyms, fitness dance classes and much more to choose from.

Fame on our blog

Fame on our blog

Have something to say? Publish your thoughts on our blog and get shared by digests like AndroidWeekly or Hacker News.

Online integrations

Online integrations

Being accompanied by your team online is what we support. Take part in online parties, play Among Us and just relax!

Breakfasts (sandwiches, fruit)

Food & drinks

Enjoy a daily breakfasts (sandwiches, salads and fruit) with freshly ground coffee and a variety of drinks, all available in our kitchen.


Brand new office

We’ve got a 700m2 office with project rooms in the city center, relax in a funroom, a naproom or play ping pong – you are not glued to your desk all-day!

Remote working


In a little cabin in the mountains, in Bali or simply at your home - you can work remotely for a limited time from anywhere in the world.


Shower & balcony

Take a shower after riding a bike to the office and take a deep breath drinking coffee at a balcony looking at the old city roofs.

Ping Pong

Ping pong

Being accompanied by your team online is what we support. Take part in online parties, play Among Us or any other games and just relax!

Varied food around the office

Varied food around the office

Just a minute from the office you can find Poke Poke, Wosabi, 8 Misek, Meet & Eat, Panda Ramen and many more great bistros.

We are 100% office-based team

Visit us in our brand-new office and work with your dedicated team from the very same room

Our spirit

We enjoy time we spend together

Photo of Droids On Roids employees
Droids On Roids Company Party
Droids On Roids on Bali Surfing Trip
Droids On Roids on Business Run
Droids On Roids on Business Run
Droids On Roids on Bali Surfing Trip
Droids On Roids on Bali Rafting Trip
Droids On Roids on Bali Rafting Trip