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FlutterFlow - guide

Understanding FlutterFlow: Features, Use-Cases, Pros and Cons

By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies.[1] That’s a pretty impressive number, isn’t it? We can’t say for sure how accurate this forecast will be, but we do know that low-code and no-code solutions offer so many benefits that they’re definitely worth checking out and considering if […]

fragment shaders in flutter guide - shading widgets in flutter

Practical Fragment Shaders in Flutter | Guide – Shading Widgets

The first 3 parts of this guide focused mostly on getting a grip on the basics of fragment shaders in Flutter. Now that we know our way around them, and how to interact between GLSL and Flutter code, let’s learn how to merge the two together.  Find the previous lessons here: The simple way For […]

What is Kotlin Multiplatform?

Kotlin Multiplatform: A Smart Choice for Cross-platform Development?

In the IT industry, there are no silver bullets. When we create applications, we need to be smart and choose the best tools for our specific needs and current situation. When it comes to mobile app development, you’ve probably heard of this difficult decision: Build natively or cross-platform? At first glance, it might seem simple: […]

how to analyze and compare software proporsals

Software Development Offers: How to Compare Them and What Matters Most

As a Business Developer, I’m involved in preparing offers for our potential clients. I’ve got a solid grasp on the process and understand the hesitations and questions companies often have. That’s why I decided to write an article that clarifies how you can analyze offers from potential outsourcing partners. I hope it makes your decision-making […]

what is low-code? a complete guide to low-code development

The Low-Code Guide That Every Business Owner Should Read

Discover low-code: Unlock the power of simplified app development! Learn how low-code is revolutionizing the industry, its key benefits, and why it’s the foundation for 65% of app development today. Dive in and get all the insights!

what is a mobile application

What Is a Mobile App – All You Should Know as a Future Product Owner

What is a mobile application? What kind of benefits does it bring to businesses? Read this guide to learn about the process of building a mobile app.

User story mapping - templates, examples and techniques

User Story Mapping: Examples, Templates, and Best Practices | Guide for App Owners

Welcome to our guide to User Story Mapping! I’m Mark, a Business Analyst and Solution Architect. I’ve worked in fintech, ecommerce, and non-profit product development, collaborating with international teams at every step, from discovery to maintenance.  As a Solution Architect, I use USM very often. This method helps us get a solid grip on what […]

Accessibility in Android app development - guide

How to Provide Accessibility in your Android App | Part 3: Semantic Properties and Screen Orientation

This is the third part of our series on providing accessibility in Android apps with Jetpack Compose. The previous parts: In the second one, you learned about the font scale, focus order and a few semantic properties. In this part, you’ll continue exploring the latter topic. At Droids On Roids, we create digital products for […]

product version for product development process

MVP, Core Path, MMP – Product Versions in App Development

The product development stages in creating a mobile application are usually divided into product versions. In this article, we want to focus on some of them: MVP, Core Path, and MMP, as they are critical steps on the way to a successful mobile app.

Introducing new Apple Glasses: Apple Vision Pro

Breaking Down the Apple Vision Pro: A Revolutionary Spatial Computer

With companies striving to offer new, more engaging, and unique ways to experience all kinds of content, we are about to witness innovative products mixing reality with virtuality. Now it’s time for Apple to introduce an all-new device, powered by a new operating system and designed for a new era. Let’s look at the Apple […]

apps made with flutter - flutter apps examples

Top Flutter Apps: Real-World Examples & Business Stories

We asked 18 different business owners and developers who are actively working with Flutter about their insights.

Flutter for IoT Development

Why Flutter for IoT is Your Best Bet – Top 10 Reasons

IoT development specialists need a seamless and efficient way to create robust applications for connected devices. Cross-platform capabilities and a rich feature set could be perfect. But what solution offers such capabilities? Flutter is a perfect solution for IoT projects because it improves user experience and device integration.

Best AI code generators

10 Best AI Coding Assistant Tools – Guide for Developers

AI coding assistants are becoming more and more popular, revolutionizing the software development industry. They can generate code and automate tedious coding tasks, providing intelligent code snippets and suggestions that reduce development time. By integrating these tools into your workflow, you can focus on creative problem-solving, resulting in the faster delivery of customer projects. So, […]

Flutter vs Kotlin comparison

Flutter vs. Kotlin: Choose the Best Fit for Your Project  – Developers’ Guide

In today’s world, mobile app development is rapidly evolving. Developers are constantly looking for efficient and versatile frameworks – something that can help them build high-quality applications with ease. Two popular choices for the Android platform are Flutter and native Android. Flutter, developed by Google, is an open-source UI toolkit. It allows us to create […]

key metrics to measure product success

How to Measure Your Digital Product Success | Guide with Examples

Being a Product Owner and creating a successful product is a great adventure. If you are thinking about your own mobile app, you are probably already seeing with your own eyes how your app can make the world a better place and meet user needs. One of your responsibilities as a Product Owner will be […]

How to create a Dart lint rule – plural quantity check example

How to create a Dart lint rule – plural quantity check example

Introduction Welcome, Flutter developers and all enthusiasts venturing into this innovative terrain! This article is a comprehensive guide to creating a Dart lint rule. That rule will check ARB files with translations. Dart lint is a static analysis tool for the Dart programming language that helps developers identify and address potential issues and style violations […]

internet of things challenges

Today’s 11 IoT Challenges and Solutions That Work

The Internet of Things is one of the next great leaps for business. While many industries already embrace IoT systems, others are still in the early stages of their IoT possibilities. It’s also a trend that is catching on: in 2022, enterprise spending in IoT development grew by 21.5%. Even amidst turbulent times, big organizations […]

Most Popular Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

4 Most Popular Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks for 2024

The rapidly growing need for cross-platform solutions has fueled the rise of various multi-platform tools. With so many options, choosing the right one for your project can be difficult. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top 4 cross-platform app development frameworks and explained when each one’s qualities are most useful. Read on to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your app.