Product discovery in mobile app development – introduction for app owners

What is Product Discovery in Mobile App Development?

What does Product Discovery mean for mobile apps? Read a comprehensive introduction to Product Discovery in mobile app development.

GIF maker app development challenges

GIF App Development – Challenges & Tips

Do you want to develop an app like Giphy Cam? Learn what challenges you can expect during your GIF app development.

How to build your first app with Flutter – Networking and Connecting to API

How to Build an App with Flutter – Part 5. Networking and Connecting to API

Learn how to build your first Flutter app. This time, we will focus on styling the home screen.

Tips on BLE mobile app development

8 Key Tips on BLE Mobile App Development

How to develop a Bluetooth Low Energy app? Check out 8 tips on successful BLE Mobile App Development. Guide for current & future App Owners.

How to build an app with Flutter - tutorial part 4

How to Build an App with Flutter – Part 4. Styling a Home Screen

Learn how to build your first Flutter app. This time, we will focus on styling the home screen.

How to build a Flutter app tutorial

How to Build an App with Flutter – Part 3. Creating Home Screen

Learn how to build your first Flutter app. This time we will focus on creating a home screen.

Common mistakes in mobile app development and how to avoid them

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Developing a Mobile App for your Business

We outline 6 common reasons why mobile app development projects fail and identify areas for improvement

How to make an airline app like Ryanair - cost and process

How to Make an Airline App like Ryanair in 2020 | Process & Cost

Learn how to create a successful mobile application for airlines like Ryanair, and check out how much it costs.

ListView vs RecyclerView

What is the Difference Between ListView and RecyclerView?

As Android Developers, we can implement Scrolling List using a ListView or a RecyclerView. Let’s compare these two ways! 

how to learn Android development - first steps

How to Learn Android Development Programming – 6 Steps for Beginners

Do you want to learn Android mobile app development? If yes, but you don’t know-how, this post is for you. It will help you to start your adventure as an Android developer.  First of all, you should buy the most expensive smartphone you will find for at least 1000$… Naaaaaah. I’m just kidding! All you […]

mobile app design trends

Top 7 Mobile App Design Trends for 2020 | App Owner’s Guide with Examples

Discover the latest Mobile App Design Trends for 2020. A must-read guide for App Owners with examples.

Bluetooth Classic vs. Bluetooth Low Energy BLE

Bluetooth Classic vs. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android – Hints & Implementation Steps

Do you want to create a connection between wearable devices and smartphones? Find out the possibilities of Bluetooth Classic & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Android.

Ensuring business continuity at Droids On Roids during the COVID-19 outbreak

In these current times, as a responsible team, we work 100% remotely, ensuring the continuity of services to our clients.

what is a mobile application

What Is a Mobile App? | App Development Basics for Businesses

What is a mobile application? What kind of benefits does it bring to businesses? Read this guide to learn about the process of building a mobile app.

what is a fintech application

What is a Fintech Application? | Definition and Insights for Business Owners

Read our guide to fintech and learn what types of fintech applications companies are using to power their growth.

apps made with flutter - flutter apps examples

Top Apps Made with Flutter – 18 Stories by Developers and Business Owners

We asked 18 different business owners and developers who are actively working with Flutter about their insights.

how to build a mobile app

How to Build a Mobile App? | Guide for Business Owners

Learn how to build a mobile application from scratch. Understand the mobile app development process and decide who will build your app.

Outsource Your Mobile App Development to Poland

Top Custom Software Mobile and Web App Development Companies from Poland – Grouped by Mastered Technology

Based on nine years of experience in the business, we have listed top mobile and web app development companies that deliver great products.