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Don’t spend time building your own web development team. Save time and start working on your app right away with Droids On Roids – a world-class mobile & web app development company, established in 2011. We offer complete, end-to-end, full-stack app development services and dedicated development teams. Get a risk-free trial – try us for 2 weeks, retaining the rights to your code if you cancel the partnership.

Unique Process

Remarkably streamlined process with unmatched command and oversight

Understanding the high-level demands and expectations of growing companies, we have spent 12 years meticulously developing and refining a process, that guarantees the delivery of top-tier application solutions.

Our unique method engages a team of experts, dedicated to achieving your objectives with the utmost efficiency.

As our client, you will have real-time access to project progress, budget management, and goal status, ensuring full transparency and control at every step.

We called this solution "TAP".

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Predictable delivery, no surprises

We monitor progress, overcome obstacles, find better solutions, and prioritize delivering value, while equipping you with the necessary tools to track progress.

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Focus on the goals

By prioritizing the goal, we ensure the product meets both user and business expectations within budget, allocating funds only towards relevant features that provide tangible benefits

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Delivery at speed

Our continuous automation of repetitive processes and use of intelligent tools in product development enable us to deliver within a short timeframe and increase the time to value ratio

About us

Choose a reliable long-term partner for your web app development

With 7-years experience in web app development, we can help you bring your web application idea to life. From crystalizing your idea to maintenance – we will be there for you every step on the road. Together, we will achieve your business goals by developing a web app that has the highest-quality code and is crash-free, thanks to our quality assurance process.


Our web developers will treat your product as their own, making sure it will fulfill everyone’s expectations. They use the newest programming languages to reach the top performance for each app they develop. With their proactive approach to the web app development, you can be sure to receive not only an app you wanted but even better version thanks to their input and ideas, based on the latest trends.

As an awarded mobile and web app development company from Poland, we know how to deliver top quality apps for a wide range of industries. From mCommerce, Social Media to Internet of Things and Entertainment, both for startups and enterprises, we are confident our knowledge and experience about web applications will be a valuable addition.

Read more about our experience, take a look at the apps we’ve created, and don’t hesitate to estimate your Web app project or contact us in case you have more questions.

Choose a reliable long-term partner for your web app development

What we do

Get precisely what you need and how you want

SaaS Web Applications
Web Applications
Custom APIs
Backend & Webservices


Let us take the whole web app development process off your shoulders



Crystallize the vision, prepare the necessary documentation and get a cost estimation



Together with our UX Designers, create a visual guide that represents your app in the form of a clickable prototype


Project Kickoff

Get to know your team, choose the tools you will use and start the mobile app development process



Get designs that will fulfill your needs and make your users happy!


Development & QA

Be a part of the team, working on creating your app via a quality-driven process using the Scrum methodology


App Maintenance

Keep your app up to date, secure and stable at all times


Pull Request

A developer tells others about a new code part


Continous Integration

CI fires automated checks


Code Review

Other developers check the code


Merge Code Changes

CI builds the app and deploys it to beta distribution for testers or clients


Manual Tests

QA Specialists test the app manually


The Feature is Done!

You get a fully tested feature

Whether your QA requirements are large or small, we will help adjust the QA process to best suit your project by recommending one of your Plans and Add-ons.


Sprint Planning

A short meeting for the Development Team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours


Daily Scrum

Short meeting for the Development Team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours


Sprint Refinement

The time when the Scrum Team cleans and orders tasks in the Product Backlog


Sprint Review

The Scrum Team meets to discuss the last Sprint and adapt the Product Backlog, if needed


Is it ready?

If the feature is done, we can start working on the next one!


Sprint Retrospective

A meeting where the team inspects itself and creates a plan for improvements for the next Sprint

Be sure we build your web app using the high-end tools & technologies

Language name
Language name
Language name
Ruby On Rails
React + Redux
Stripe Payments
Adyen Payments
Firebase Services
Web applications
Backend & Webservices
Custom API

Your web app in the best hands

Your project is our project: we’ll share ideas for the best possible outcomes

Risk-free trial

Try us for 2 weeks, retaining the rights to your code if you cancel the partnership

1st demo in 7 days

Receive your first working demo within 7 days of the project kick-off

Transfer of IP

You are the owner of Intellectual Property rights at all times

Dedicated teams

Work with exclusively allocated team 100% focused and engaged with your product

Agile driven

Our certified Scrum Masters ensure the efficiency of the team’s work

On time. On budget.

Set your project live when expected, and within your estimated budget

Start working on your web app right away!

Receive the first working demo within 7 days from the project kick-off

Not ready for an estimate? Write to us and book a Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.

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