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A revolutionary fintech app for the Dubai-based company streamlining real estate investment management

App features


Analyze data about your investments and, if needed, filter out only the active ones. Explore figures such as Total Invested Capital, Value Generated, Distributions Paid Out, and Principal Outstanding. Gain insights into Investment Returns, including Average Annual Income Yield and Distribution Received.


Browse through both your active and exited investments. By clicking on a listing, you'll dive into its detailed breakdown. The “Investment Details” page offers insights and pertinent files for each position. These can be conveniently viewed using the app's integrated PDF reader.


In the "offerings" section, you'll find specific project proposals to invest your funds in. Just choose an amount, click "subscribe" and you're set! From there, you'll receive regular updates on your investment status in the Newsfeed.


You consistently get Update Reports and Distribution Statements, giving you clear insights into your invested funds. If any of these documents appear in the Newsfeed, you’ll receive a notification email.

Account details

Here, you can view your account details, get to know your investor details, read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions, access documents related to your investments, check out contact information, and log out of the app.

Log in & reset password

For your first login, you'll use a temporary password from the Admin, after which you'll set your own personalized one. If you ever forget it, simply request a reset, and you'll receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

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