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NTFY (Nice To Fit You)

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Tech innovation cooks success: An award-winning app for Poland's leading diet caterer! Made with Flutter.


higher user return rate vs. web


higher conversion rate vs. web


of all orders via the mobile app

How NTFY released an award-winning app for the diet catering market


Scalability and deployment hurdles

When Nice To Fit You (NTFY) initially approached us, they were grappling with scalability and deployment issues stemming from their previous vendor. Despite NTFY’s prominent position in the diet catering industry, most user engagement happened on their website, where orders were placed. Although they had a mobile app, it was limited in its capabilities and served as a companion to their website.

The sizzling market of diet catering in Poland

Poland is home to a dynamic diet catering market, valued at approximately PLN 2.5 billion. As it continues to thrive, innovation is key to success. Today’s customers expect the convenience of completing tasks with just a few taps on their mobile screens. Therefore, the absence of a seamlessly functioning mobile app was putting NTFY at a disadvantage compared to their competitors.

Balancing innovation and user experience

Being known for setting trends rather than following them, NTFY had a big appetite for improvement. However, they were aware of the need to balance innovation with customer loyalty. They partnered with us to rewrite their app using Flutter, aiming to enhance it significantly without overwhelming their loyal customer base and secure a leading position in the industry.


  • Elevating the user experience by improving their diet catering mobile app
  • Positioning NTFY for further growth by developing a product ready for expansion into new markets
  • Ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms
  • Establishing NTFY as a technology leader in the box diet industry


Choosing Flutter for multiplatform development

After thorough consideration, we boldly opted for a complete app overhaul using Flutter. This choice was strategic, as Flutter excels in cross-platform solutions, enabling app release on iOS and Android at the same time. This decision enabled us to easily add fresh features, ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms and setting NTFY on a path for ongoing growth.

Crafting the user journey

We started the project with workshops with NTFY to define the new user journey and decide what features the redesigned app should have. Then our UX designer took the lead, creating new wireframes with a strong focus on unifying the design of the system.

In the previous version of the app, the purchase process was complicated. It lacked food photos and product information, leaving users unsure of what they were ordering. To address this, we introduced a completely new shopping flow with real food photos and customer reviews.

One of the most exciting features we introduced was the ‘SELECT’ option, which allows users to order a single meal without committing to a whole diet. In this way we have created a restaurant experience in a diet catering world.

Development and coordination

The biggest challenge during development was maintaining old versions of the mobile and web applications while building new ones from scratch. We worked hard to ensure that the transition was seamless and that NTFY’s operations weren’t disrupted.

Close collaboration between our and NTFY’s teams helped us keep abreast of evolving requirements and iterate the project accordingly. A dedicated Scrum Master played a crucial role in streamlining the project. They offered vital process support and assisted our Product Owner with daily tasks, ensuring a seamless development process that stayed aligned with our goals.


Up to 40% cost savings, profit boost and industry applause

NTFY took a game-changing step by consolidating its services into a single, multi-platform Flutter app. This strategic shift not only resulted in significant cost savings in app maintenance and development, but also enabled a timely and cost-effective launch. What’s more, the release of the new version of the app triggered an extraordinary surge in user numbers.

Managing 200,000 meals daily with the power of Flutter

As a result, the revamped app now acts as a central order management hub, catalysing NTFY’s sales growth and efficiently delivering an impressive 200,000 meals to its customers every day.

A remarkable increase in user engagement and conversion

We didn’t count the calories, but we did count the numbers, and they don’t lie. Launching a new cross-platform Flutter app resulted in:

  • 50% higher user return rate vs web
  • 50% higher conversion rate vs web
  • 70% of all orders via the mobile app

The positive response from users can also be seen in social media and feedback. The App Store rating has risen from 4 to 4.7 based on thousands of reviews.

NTFY app wins #1 title in its category

In addition to user appreciation, the NTFY app has received significant recognition in the mobile app sphere. NTFY, with its dual commitment to delivering unique boxed diet experience and pioneering technological solutions, has crafted the finest digital product in its category. The NTFY app won 1st place in the Foodtech category of the Mobile Trends Awards!

The scope of the project

Product Design Workshop

We kicked off our collaboration with a robust workshop with the NTFY team. Joined by experts from both sides, we dove into the project. Together, we identified the core elements of the application and the improvements we wanted to make. We also carefully planned when to introduce new functionalities.

App Redesign

The previous app design lacked consistency and hindered future development. We have harmonised the user experience, created a completely new shopping flow and improved the address system. Our design is the result of many improvements that together pave the way for NTFY’s continued development and growth.

Mobile Flutter App

The old app’s limitations were hindering NTFY’s goals. We chose a complete Flutter rewrite, swiftly reducing errors and enhancing order fulfillment. Our solution made NTFY a tech leader, offering a streamlined purchase process, multi-user support, and cross-platform availability on iOS and Android.

Web App

At the time, the web application served as the primary traffic source for NTFY, but there was room for improvement. While keeping the old version of the app running, we began a top-to-bottom rewrite using React. This ensured a consistent shopping experience in line with the mobile app.


With the NTFY catering app released, we’re committed to keeping it up-to-date, user-friendly and bug-free. Our monitoring tools help us to quickly identify and fix any bugs that may arise. We also proactively update the app in response to Flutter updates, system changes, or user feedback.

Key features

How we did it

We have built an app for Android and iOS with one codebase, using the Flutter framework and Dart language. We’ve also chosen to use the BLoC architecture pattern.

To automate marketing efforts, the app integrates with, enabling the marketing team to send personalized push notifications, provide valuable information, and guide users to ongoing promotions.

To better understand user behavior and align business and marketing strategies, we use Firebase Analytics, which provides key insights for informed decision-making.

One of our main challenges was designing a custom calendar component to meet our business needs. Existing libraries did not meet our criteria, so we built these components from scratch.

Additionally, the NTFY mobile application integrates with several external services, including Facebook and Apple ID for login or PayU and PayPal for payment processing.










Continuous Integration





Easy Localization

We developed a web application using React and the Create React App library for rapid development, complemented by Material UI to speed design implementation. Our main challenge was to create a custom calendar component to meet specific business needs, so we built it from scratch.

To maintain design consistency and provide thorough documentation, we used the Storybook tool. Our application relies heavily on API data as the primary source of truth, facilitated by the react-query library for efficient state synchronization and React’s context mechanism for global state management.

We organized the application into modules for streamlined code management, and for internationalization we used i18next for translations, the JS-embedded Intl class for price formatting, and day.js for date formatting.

The NTFY application also integrates with various external services, including Facebook for login and discount code distribution, PayU for payment processing, Google Tag Manager for user behavior analysis, and Sentry for error reporting.

To ensure stability and reliability, we implemented automated testing using Jest, react-testing-library and MSW.






Modular (feature oriented)

State management

react-query (sync state with API)

UI library

Material UI + Storybook

3rd party integration

Facebook, PayU, GTM, Sentry

Automated test

Jest, react-testing-library, msw


i18next, Intl, days

In our journey to redesign NTFY, we tackled several challenges. We revamped the meal ordering system, allowing users to customize their selections from the full menu. This system caters to customers who are looking for quality meals without long-term dietary commitments. 

At the same time, we revamped our address system to improve accuracy, resulting in smoother deliveries and more efficient administration. This integration involved aligning the new meal ordering functionality with existing templates and the NTFY design system.

Our approach included user testing and in-depth interviews to fine-tune our design based on customer feedback. Significant changes were made to address management, including redefining the information architecture, simplifying delivery options, and implementing dynamic forms. 

This comprehensive redesign effort not only improved the user experience, but also increased the efficiency of address management and delivery fulfillment.

UX flows


Wireframes & UI


Clickable prototype




Design system


How NTFY app works

Our client's voice


We adjusted the size of the team according to our client's needs

Product Owners

Artur Zasztowt
Paulina Kuźminska

Scrum Masters

Agata Płócienniczak-Skoracka
Iwona Faltus-Franke

Customer Success Manager

Justyna Solarska

UX / UI Designer

Bartosz Maryniaczyk

Web Developer

Bartosz Skuza

Flutter Developers

Alexander Stolar
Arkadiusz Datka
Jakub Janiec
Paulina Sieczkowska
Sebastian Wojdakowski

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