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Build a beautiful, high-performance, and outstanding Android mobile app with one of the most experienced teams in the world – on time and on budget.

Don’t spend time building your own Android app development team. Save time and start working on your Android project right away with Droids On Roids – a world-class Android application development company established in 2011.

Our experienced team specializes in customized and scalable applications for Android devices, including smartphones, tablets, Android TVs, and more. We offer complete, end-to-end, full-stack Android app development services. Get a risk-free trial – try us for 2 weeks, retaining the rights to your code if you cancel the partnership.

Our promises

What can you expect from working with us?

Field Glass Icon as a metaphore of Predictable Predictable delivery with no surprises

Predictable delivery, no surprises

We constantly verify the progress towards the goal, identify blockers, adapt with new solutions, and always maximize delivered value. We provide all the necessary tools for you to keep an eye on progress.

Dart Board as a metaphore of Predictable Predictable delivery with no surprises

Focus on the goals

Focusing on the goal ensures the released product meets the expectations of both the users and the business, all within the budget. Money is spent only on the relevant things that bring real benefits to you and your users

Speed meter as a metaphore of Predictable Predictable delivery with no surprises

Delivery at speed

Continuous automation of all repeatable processes, as well as our intelligent tools and methods used in product development, allow us to decrease the time to value ratio and deliver within a competitively short timeframe.

About us

Choose a reliable long-term partner for your Android app development

With 10-years of experience in Android app development, we can help you to achieve your business goals by bringing your Android application idea to life. We will accompany you at every step of your Android app development journey – from clarifying your app idea, through launching it on the app store, right up to its maintenance. Droids On Roids serves clients throughout the world, and have completed over 130 projects – both for startups and enterprises.

We use Kotlin programming language and native Android libraries to ensure the top performance of your native Android application. What’s more, we also build and deploy fast, aesthetically-pleasing mobile apps with Flutter. Thanks to our 6-steps Quality Assurance process, your app will be built with the highest-quality and easily maintainable code.

Our top Android app developers will treat your product as their own, making sure it will fulfill your expectations. With our proactive approach to the Android app development, you can be sure to receive not only a mobile app you wanted but an even better version thanks to our suggestions based on the latest trends and our broad experience.

Choose a reliable long-term partner for your Android app development

What we do

Get precisely what you need and how you want

Native App Development
React Native Development
Library Development
Code Audit
Dev Tools Development
Custom ROM Development
Custom Launcher Development
Developing Performance
Optimizing Existing Apps


Reach your customers across the entire spectrum of devices with Android OS





Android Wear OS

Android Wear OS

Android TV

Android TV

Android Auto

Android Auto


Let us take the whole Android app development process off your shoulders



Crystallize the vision, prepare the necessary documentation and get a cost estimation



Together with our UX Designers, create a visual guide that represents your app in the form of a clickable prototype


Project Kickoff

Get to know your team, choose the tools you will use and start the mobile app development process



Get designs that will fulfill your needs and make your users happy!


Development & QA

Be a part of the team, working on creating your app via a quality-driven process using the Scrum methodology


App Maintenance

Keep your app up to date, secure and stable at all times


Pull Request

A developer tells others about a new code part


Continous Integration

CI fires automated checks


Code Review

Other developers check the code


Merge Code Changes

CI builds the app and deploys it to beta distribution for testers or clients


Manual Tests

QA Specialists test the app manually


The Feature is Done!

You get a fully tested feature

Whether your QA requirements are large or small, we will help adjust the QA process to best suit your project by recommending one of your Plans and Add-ons.


Sprint Planning

A short meeting for the Development Team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours


Daily Scrum

Short meeting for the Development Team to synchronize activities and create a plan for the next 24 hours


Sprint Refinement

The time when the Scrum Team cleans and orders tasks in the Product Backlog


Sprint Review

The Scrum Team meets to discuss the last Sprint and adapt the Product Backlog, if needed


Is it ready?

If the feature is done, we can start working on the next one!


Sprint Retrospective

A meeting where the team inspects itself and creates a plan for improvements for the next Sprint

Tech stack

Be sure we build your product using the high-end tools & technologies

Language name
Language name
Language name
Language name
React Native
Open GL
Android NDK
Chat / Video Chat
Client-Server apps
Data Synchronization
Google Play Services
Image Processing
In-App Purchases
Material Design
Multiple Screens
Offline Mode
Push Notifications
Social Media Integrations
Video Streaming
Analytics & Monitoring
Crash Reporting
Performance Optimization

Your Android app in the best hands

Your project is our project: we’ll share ideas for the best possible outcomes

Risk-free trial

Try us for 2 weeks, retaining the rights to your code if you cancel the partnership

1st demo in 7 days

Receive your first working demo within 7 days of the project kick-off

Transfer of IP

You are the owner of Intellectual Property rights at all times

Dedicated teams

Work with exclusively allocated team 100% focused and engaged with your product

Agile driven

Our certified Scrum Masters ensure the efficiency of the team’s work

On time. On budget.

Set your project live when expected, and within your estimated budget

Start working on your Android App right away!

Receive your first working demo within 7 days from the project kick-off

Not ready for an estimate? Write to us and book a Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.

Are you looking for other services?

Everything your project needs in one place

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Android Native App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will always sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when a client wants it. We can do it at the very beginning, before we even discuss your Android project in any detail, or at another stage of the process. It’s completely up to you.

Yes, you are the owner of the Intellectual Property rights, including the code, at all times.

  • CCC Shoes & Bags – mobile commerce app for the largest footwear retail company in Central Europe
  • Giphy – the most popular app for creating & sharing GIFs
  • Makani – revolutionary GPS navigation app for Libya
  • Veepee – mobile commerce app for online flash sales
  • HoneyBee – FinTech pay advance app
  • Hematologist’s Calculator – MedTech app calculating factors for patient’s treatment

Check out more Android apps in our portfolio.

We have completed over 150 mobile & web projects and we have a strong background in developing Android applications from various categories, including mobile commerce, IoT, digital transformation, MedTech, FinTech, maps & transport, and lifestyle, amongst others.

The knowledge and experience gained in so many industries for nearly 10 years mean that we are able to develop any type of Android application.

Among our partners are global brands and great start-ups like Giphy, while our Open Source libraries are used by Facebook, WhatsApp, and Bitrise.

Check out our portfolio for more examples.

Yes, of course. We will upload your Android application onto the Google Play Store. It is a part of our Android app development process. What’s more, we will guide you through the Android app setup on the store regarding marketing materials, descriptions, and legacy issues.

Yes, we also do maintenance. Android app development is just a beginning. During the Android app maintenance, the development team implements app monitoring tools (e.g. HockeyApp, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, Firebase) to every product we have created. Thanks to these tools, we can detect any crashes, follow the app’s statistics, and plan product enhancements.

We invite you to cooperate with us with ongoing Android app maintenance. This option gives you confidence that the team is available always when your project needs us. This way, time is reserved for you.

If you do not decide on such maintenance, you can always contact us with a specific need, but whether we can help at that respective moment, depends on whether the team is available or their time is fully booked.

Yes. The code we create is very readable, well documented, and structured which makes it easy to transfer your Android project to another team if needed.

Our team works in one office in Wroclaw, Poland, which is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the world. Its location enables convenient and fast access from any city in the world. Read more about us.

We’re 100% office-based team of 70+ talented professionals, including around 20 Android developers. However, our development team also consists of certified Scrum Masters, UX/UI designers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Business Analysts.

With these experts on board, we will take the whole Android app development process off of your shoulders, so you can better focus on business.

We adjust the team’s size according to your needs. A typical development team consists of 1 Product Owner (from your side), 1 Scrum Master, 1 Quality Assurance Engineer, 2 Android developers, 2 iOS developers (if you want also an app for iOS), and 1 Business Analyst (optional).

In our experience, the best way to talk about the cost of Android app development is by thinking about it in terms of complexity. In short, according to our 10 years of experience, and market knowledge:

  • A basic mobile app for 1 platform costs $25,000 – $50,000
  • A medium-complexity app for 1 platform costs around $50,000 – $100,000
  • A complex app for 1 platform costs more than $100,000

This rough estimate can serve as your starting point in understanding how much it really costs to develop an Android app.

There are 7 crucial stages of the Android app development process from a business point of view:

  1. Clarifying the Vision
  2. Choosing a Partner
  3. Wireframes & Design
  4. Project Kick-off & Setup
  5. App Development
  6. Release Preparation
  7. App Maintenance

Read more about every stage in our guide through the Android app development process.

Yes, of course. After every Sprint Review, you will get:

  • An app demo build (so you can check if the created app fits your requirements)
  • A detailed review of what’s been done during the Sprint
  • Information about eventual challenges solved or additional work that has been done
  • Information about how many hours the team worked on the project during the Sprint

According to your preferences, you can take part in the Review meeting directly, or just get the above-mentioned information via e-mail.

What’s more, we use these good practices to ensure 100% transparency:

  • You have direct contact with every team member – through Slack, video calls, e-mail, during Scrum meetings or even live visits.
  • PO Guidance – as a Product Owner, you will be supported in your role. We will introduce you to the necessary tools for monitoring the budget and maximizing the value delivered by the development team.
  • Jira Dashboard – the team will provide you with a presentation of the most important data about the project on transparent charts.
  • Tempo Timesheet – this is a Jira tracking tool. At any moment, you can check what the team is spending their time on.
  • Forecast & Change Management – we forecast the project budget, support you in monitoring it, and predict potential risks in order to prevent them.
  • Dropbox / Google – you have access to all materials collected in one place.

Read more about app development in Scrum.

In Android app development, we use (among others):

  • Programming Language: Kotlin, C
  • Tools: Android Studio, Firebase, Zeplin
  • Database: Room, SQLDelight

Android app development offers vast strategic and operational benefits. Therefore, regardless of their size, companies are leveraging Android app development to grow and improve their revenues. Some of Android app development advantages are:

  • A wider pool of users. Android has the majority of the mobile market share. Android apps run on a larger number of devices compared to their iOS counterparts. Developing an Android app will allow you to reach the widest user base possible.
  • Android Studio – an IDE  used for Android app development – is blazingly fast and efficient. You can set up a new Android project within seconds.
  • Using the Java and Kotlin programming languages allows developers to build & deploy beautiful and scalable applications with top performance.
  • Native libraries serve a variety of features that allow us to take advantage of the newest Android smartphones’ capabilities.
  • Third-party libraries let us speed up the Android app development and concentrate on your business goals.

You will receive the 1st app demo within 7 days from the project kick-off.

Yes, of course. We deliver crash-free Android apps with robust code thanks to our 6-steps Quality Assurance process. Our QA services focus on:

1. Code Review – every piece of code written by one developer is approved by at least 2 other devs.

2. Continuous Integration Tests – automatic tests that check whether new changes didn’t break any already implemented functionalities. It consists of:

• Static Code Analysis – a code is checked by a special program (Lint, Sonar), which verifies if the code meets the good standards set by our development team.

• Unit Tests – automated tests that validate if each unit of the software performs as designed.

• UI Integration Tests – automated tests that check if the app components are correctly integrated.

• Virtual Device Testing – we use it to find crashes in Android apps. It simulates a real app user.

We write tests in:

• Espresso in Android Studio (Kotlin)

• XCTest in Xcode (Swift)

• Jest (JavaScript)

• Rspec, Capybara (Ruby)

3. Manual Testing – manual testing of the app based on specified use cases. Made by our QA Specialists.

Android app a mobile software application developed for use on devices powered by Google’s Android platform. It can run on Android smartphones, tablets, Google TV, and other devices with Android Operating System.

Android apps are available in the Google Play Store, also known as the Android Market, in the Amazon Appstore, and on various Android App-focused sites.

While you can download many Android apps for free, premium apps are also available for purchase by users, with revenues for the latter shared between Google and the software developer.

What’s more, some Android apps follow the freemium business model, where the app developer can get income on free apps via Google’s in-app billing capabilities.

Android apps are native apps which means they are built for a single mobile operating system. The main advantage of native apps is their high performance and excellent user experience. After all, developers who build them use native device UI. Access to a broad range of APIs also helps to accelerate the development work and extend the boundaries of app usage.