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The apps help health providers to calculate factors for patient treatment.

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Our goal was to create an Android and iOS Apps for Hematoonkologia.pl, one of the largest educational portals in Poland dedicated to hematologists. We were responsible for the full development of the products, starting with UX Design.


The apps we created consist of 12 calculators that enable physicians, hematologists, and primary-care specialists calculate various factors for the treatment of patients with cancer diseases. The apps are consistent with the guidelines of The European Hematology Association, and Polish Society of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine.


I was impressed with their work style – I knew what was being done and how long it would take at every step. I was able to ask any question and receive an answer within a minute. The app itself is smooth, responsive and very modern-looking. We are very satisfied with the results.

Franciszek Czachorowski Hematoonkologia.pl

App screens

App features

Calculating health factors

A user has 12 calculators to choose. You enter the data into the form and calculate factors like creatinine clearance, or risk of neutropenia.

Details of the Calculator

The User can read detailed information about each of the calculators.

Register with medical license

W registration, new users have to give their number of the medical license

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