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20 Best AI Apps | Artificial Intelligence in Action

Education, health and wellbeing, personal finance – these are just some of the areas that AI is transforming today through user-friendly digital products. Discover 20 examples of diverse and popular AI-powered applications.

Best AI Apps Examples

AI’s potential to change how we work and spend our free time is becoming clearer with every passing year. The AI industry is developing at a breakneck pace, and both consumers and businesses are now using AI apps for a variety of purposes. Customer service, supply chain optimization, mental health care, fraud detection, design via computer vision, quality control, and process automation are just a few of the tasks that AI has successfully automated. 

When it comes to repetitive, detail-oriented activities, such as reviewing huge quantities of legal papers to verify important fields are correctly filled in or analyzing an X-ray, AI systems often work faster than humans and commit few errors along the way. The rapidly growing field of generative AI tools suggests that AI is on its way to play a critical role in areas ranging from education and marketing to product creation.

What are the best examples of AI applications today? Dive into this guide to explore the AI apps that have the biggest impact on their respective sectors.

What is artificial intelligence?

In its most basic form, artificial intelligence combines computer science and large datasets to solve problems and learn how to solve them better along the way. AI developers are often involved in the AI subfields of machine learning and deep learning. 

AI technologies have gone through several hype cycles over the years, but the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT took this field to the next level. The applications for this technology are expanding by the day, and we’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible. However, as the excitement surrounding the use of AI in business grows, discussions about ethics become vital. 

Valued at $142.3 billion in 2023, the worldwide AI market continues to expand as a result of the flood of investments. Between 2020 and 2022, total annual corporate global investment in AI startups climbed by $5 billion, substantially doubling prior investments, with a large portion coming from private funding from US corporations. Today, one-quarter of businesses are implementing it due to labor force constraints.

Artificial intelligence (AI) market size worldwide 2021-2030

What are AI applications?

AI apps are tools or platforms that employ artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out a task entirely or partially.

AI apps are based on models that learn by reading and digesting massive datasets and then making judgments based on that knowledge. AI plays a significant part in our daily lives, from smart speakers that play our favorite songs to fitness monitors that monitor our efforts at the gym.

Maybe you already use AI apps in your work or everyday life, but you want to check what’s out there. Below is a list of the 20 great AI apps on the market. Get inspired and see how your application can take advantage of the opportunities artificial intelligence offers.

20 best AI apps 

We composed this list of AI apps based on the role they played in changing our daily lives and work environments. Note that this list isn’t static and is likely to change in the near future – just like the dynamically evolving AI scene. Most of the AI apps we listed are available to both Android and iOS users (via Google Play Store and Apple App Store), with a few exceptions that work on devices like Google’s Pixel or Oculus. 

Top AI applications examples

Conversational AI and chatbots

➡️ ChatGPT

artificial intelligence application app - ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a leader in the chatbot sector, can text with people, answer inquiries, and produce new content. ChatGPT is commonly used to generate textual material such as articles, emails, scripts, essays, and code. Its creator, OpenAI, is also responsible for the AI models GPT-4, DALL-E, and DALL-E 2. 

It used to be limited to only include knowledge generated before September 2021, but the recent revamp changed that. ChatGPT can now surf the internet to offer users with up-to-date information for their requests.

ChatGPT scored 1 million users within the first five days of its launch on November 30, 2022. A recent survey showed that 54% of respondents believe AI can improve written material, implying that AI-driven solutions like ChatGPT have the potential to increase text quality, originality, and efficiency in a variety of content production situations.

This tool now has a mobile app for both Android and iOS users. You can sync your data with all of your other devices using the solution on mobile and take advantage of the Whisper integration for interacting with the ChatGPT app via voice inputs.

ChatGPT Plus users get access to more complex capabilities, but the basic mobile app is free to use. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Ask AI

Top AI Chatbots - Ask AI

Powered by the ChatGPT API and GPT-4, Ask AI can answer user queries and produce outlines and other new material based on text prompts. It offers a variety of subjects to discuss, ranging from business to entertainment, and can do so in a variety of languages. It can also scan and extract text from images shot by users to initiate an interaction. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Replika

AI application - Replika

Replika is a conversational AI app that allows users to connect with a virtual companion in a way that seems natural. You can configure Replika to act as a friend, a personal or professional mentor, or even a love interest. 

But that’s not everything. You can even use augmented reality to virtually share moments with their Replika – the app uses your device’s camera and places a 3D avatar of your Replika into that scene (see more). The app is available for iOS, Android, and Oculus devices. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Bing

AI application - Bing

Microsoft Bing is a well-known online search engine, but now that it’s been enriched with AI, you can use it as a chatbot to react to inquiries, generate unique text and graphics, and translate and proofread work in several languages. Bing’s conversation function uses GPT-4 technology and is available on, the Microsoft Edge web browser, and as a mobile app available to both Android and iOS users. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store


➡️ Otter

Otter is an AI app that assists with audio transcription, note-taking, and live summaries. The software is a great match for collaborative content because several users can update the transcript and add pertinent comments and highlights as needed. Otter is accessible for iOS, Android, and Slack, as well as a Chrome plugin. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Google Recorder

Unlike many other AI transcription services, Google’s Recorder is free for those who own a Pixel smartphone. All you need to do is launch the app and push the giant red button to record their call, which is immediately transcribed (available for English, French, German, and Japanese). Once the transcription is finished, users can browse through it, alter it, move pieces around, and share it in full or in snippets with others. Find the app on Pixel App Store

➡️ Trint

AI virtual assistants app - Trint

Giants such as Airbnb, the Washington Post, and Nike use Trint’s paid AI transcription services. Its AI-powered smartphone app enables users to quickly record, transcribe, and distribute information, as well as leave notes and alter the transcription itself. Trint claims that it can also automatically transcribe in over 30 languages and translate finished transcriptions into more than 50. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Virtual assistants

➡️ Amazon Alexa

AI virtual assistants app - Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s Alexa has become a household brand since its debut in 2014. You can use this handy AI app to create lists, set alarms, make online purchases, and more. Alexa’s powerful natural language processing skills let her not only interpret but also produce spoken words through natural conversations with people. The assistant can be coupled with smart devices to operate smart thermostats, wearables, TVs, and even cars from the user’s phone.

Amazon revealed in 2023 that a new big language model would power its voice assistant and make it capable of understanding more conversational terms in the future. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Siri

AI virtual assistants - Siri

Siri debuted in 2011 and is widely regarded as the pioneer of virtual assistants. It’s part of all Apple gadgets, including iPhones, iPads, watches, and TVs. The software uses voice inquiries and a natural language user interface to do tasks ranging from sending text messages to identifying music playing in the background. It can also learn from a user’s language, searches, and preferences. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Google Assistant

AI app - Google Assistant

Google Assistant is considered to be one of the most advanced virtual assistants on the market. It offers both speech and text commands and can carry out internet searches or voice-activated control of other devices using natural language processing. The app is interoperable with a wide range of smart products, including refrigerators, lighting, and automobiles, giving customers a genuinely connected Internet of Things experience. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Image creation and editing

➡️ StarryAI

AI art generator - StarryAI

StarryAI is an artificial intelligence art generator that can turn a simple word query into an artwork. The software depends on two AI models to do this. The first renders the artwork creations using a special type of machine learning model known as GANs, or generative adversarial networks. The second method employs steady diffusion to generate artwork and visuals. StarryAI is one of several text-to-image converters available today, allowing users to create everything from AI avatars to NFTs. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ FaceApp 

AI selfie editor - FaceApp - AI App

FaceApp uses artificial intelligence to help users become creative with their selfie editing. Users may use the software to modify their face’s cosmetic elements, such as makeup, hairstyle, or facial hair, as well as physical features such as face shape, gender traits, or perceived age. FaceApp Video, a companion program by the same developer, can apply similar edits and effects to videos. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Facetune

Facetune by Lightricks has been a popular picture and video editing tool since the early days of Instagram, thanks to its simple UI and extensive photo-editing capabilities. Recently, the company has introduced a number of AI-powered products, such as the AI Selfie Generator, AI avatars, and the AI Photo Enhancer. You can use the selfie generator feature to produce multiple picture styles for their selfies using their own prompts or Facetune’s own library of AI-generated presets. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store


➡️ ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is an English language speech assistant that uses artificial intelligence technology to help users improve their English speaking abilities. The software can listen to a user’s accent and apply a color-coded system of red, yellow, and green to identify how close the user said specific phrases, as well as give advice on how the user may improve using speech data and voice recognition technology. Language proficiency evaluations, tailored curriculum, progress monitoring, and individualized lessons are all included in the app. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Socratic

Socratic assists students in middle and high school with their homework. All they have to do is snap a photo of what they’re working on using their phone, and the AI will provide visual explanations to help them finish it. Acquired by Google in 2018, the app uses superior text and speech recognition to help in a number of areas such as literature, physics, biology, trigonometry, and more. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Duolingo

Duolingo offers listening, reading, and speaking activities in dozens of worldwide languages, as well as incentive elements that keep users coming back. The lessons are timed and tiered uniquely for each learner based on their performance using AI analyzing consumer data. The app also employs data and machine learning to improve course content while taking into account the intricacies of various languages. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing aid app that helps users correct minor misspellings and punctuation issues, but it also goes beyond basic proofreading to provide AI-powered suggestions for enhanced accuracy, clarity, and delivery for specific audiences. Recently, the tool adds generative AI assistance to help with ideation, content creation, and rewrites of current material. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Health and wellbeing

➡️ Wysa 

Wysa is an AI app that uses artificial intelligence to provide users with the mental health help they require. Users can engage with the conversational AI agent on demand to get customized care guidelines, programs, and further help to those who require it. If a user is enrolled in a Wysa clinical program, they may receive regular check-ins from the AI agent, which can escalate to human coaches and therapists if necessary. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Calm

Calm is one of the most popular mobile meditation AI apps on the market today. It provides guided meditation services, as well as music and scenery to aid sleep, relaxation, and focus. The app also makes use of Amazon Personalize, a machine learning-powered tool built by AWS, to provide customers with more personalized experiences and suggestions based on their data. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Seeing AI

Seeing AI is an app that provides extensive audio descriptions of one’s environment to the vision impaired and blind. The app comes in handy for converting papers, objects, handwriting, and cash into audio descriptions, as well as more abstract notions such as colors, people, and settings. Although comparable applications are available for Android users, Seeing AI is exclusively accessible for iOS users. Find the app on Apple App Store

➡️ FitnessAI 

This is an AI app that creates individualized exercises for individuals based on their specific objectives, fitness levels, and health history. If users maintain track of their workout records, the AI can help them decide on the best rest duration and training difficulty levels for future workouts. FitnessAI is currently only accessible for iOS users. Find the app on Apple App Store

Personal finance

➡️ Cleo 

Cleo is an artificial intelligence assistant that helps users with personal money management activities: personal budgets, saving money, avoiding specific sorts of purchases, and borrowing money. Cleo also adds a personal touch to the personal financial experience, allowing users to be “roasted” or “hyped” for their spending patterns and how they correspond with their overall goals. The app uses AI and natural language generation to deliver basic financial advice as well as personalized messages. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Ally 

Ally Financial’s mobile banking software includes a text and voice-enabled AI chatbot that can answer queries, conduct money transfers and payments, and offer transaction summaries. Ally also uses AI to speed up the loan approval process by pulling data from loan paperwork and comparing it to numerous databases to check applicants’ identification, job, income, and other relevant information. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Fyle

Fyle uses artificial intelligence to ease employee expenditure management. It can manage expenditure reporting, real-time data extraction, trip requests and advances, analytics, and a variety of other tasks. It helps employees with automated transaction alerts and allows them to submit receipts immediately through other applications like Gmail, Outlook, and Slack by directly connecting with any Visa and Mastercard card. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Magnifi Financial

Magnifi calls itself an artificial intelligence investment assistant. It provides individualized, conversational assistance to help users in researching and purchasing assets, managing and diversifying their portfolios, and learning about investing. You can link external investment accounts or invest directly with Magnifi when you join. The app claims to provide optimal returns and spare users from costly investing mistakes by leveraging AI’s predictive analysis. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Hopper

Hopper is an AI-powered travel companion. It advises customers on the optimum times to book flights or hotels and receive the cheapest pricing by using forecasting AI tools. It also displays historical rates for a specific booking, so you can evaluate how what you spend compares to previous price patterns.  Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store


➡️ Waze

Waze is a popular navigation and transportation software that optimizes user routes and predicts their normal driving behaviors and styles using a combination of AI and machine learning to analyze real time traffic data. It also makes use of Google Cloud’s AI Platform to build a network for Waze Carpool, a long-term means for users to share their rides with others who use comparable routes and timetables.  Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

➡️ Google Maps

Google Maps collects location data from cell phones as well as user-reported data on things like construction and car accidents to monitor traffic flow, compute an ETA, and offer users the quickest route to their intended destination. The app also uses powerful machine learning algorithms and historical traffic data analysis to forecast traffic conditions in the near future. Find the app on Google Play Store, Apple App Store

Droids On Roids experience in AI app development

As a company that specializes in developing digital products for global clients, we are always exploring new ways to improve our app development process. We have been experimenting with tools such as GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT to accelerate software creation and reduce costs for our clients. Although we are aware of their limitations, we strategically utilize these tools where they can be beneficial, but we do not rely on them exclusively.

AI application example - gihub Copilot

Wrap up 

The overview of AI apps we shared above shows that there are currently many types of AI applications on the market. They target various industries and use AI to provide users with even more helpful and unique experiences. This is a clear trend for the future.

More and more businesses are experimenting with AI. According to an April 2023 pulse survey of 254 technology executives from EY, 90% of respondents are interested in AI platforms such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat. And 80% intend to raise their AI efforts in the following year.

Businesses are looking into artificial intelligence to increase efficiency, boost productivity, minimize costs, generate competitive advantages, and meet fast changing market expectations. There’s no denying that Natural Language Processing (NLP) is driving AI adoption.

As more organizations embrace AI apps, we can expect more consumer products powered by AI technology to appear on the market. The benefits of AI apps are clear, and only time will tell in which direction the AI market will develop in the near future.

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