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Top Flutter Apps: Real-World Examples & Business Stories

Considering Flutter for your app development? Explore over 17 real-world examples, with insights from Business Owners and Developers. See Flutter’s capabilities and strengths in action and make your decision easier.

apps made with flutter - flutter apps examples

What is Flutter? A brief overview

“Development in Flutter is a breeze“, “Cross-platform solutions have been around for a long time, but Flutter is the first one to do it right.”, “Our crash rates are down tenfold, and our users are happier than ever”.

That’s how entrepreneurs and developers who have launched successful Flutter products describe it. Need to add anything? Maybe not, but we will so you have the full picture.

Flutter is a cross-platform framework introduced by Google in 2018. It has quickly become a buzzword in the app development world, and not without reason. The framework is a versatile tool that allows developers to efficiently create visually appealing mobile apps for both Android and iOS. There is cross-platform.

But there is more! Originally, Flutter’s capabilities were limited to mobile app development. Now its scope has expanded to include desktop and web app development. No wonder the reviews.

So, if you are looking for the right framework, why not dive into the realm of Flutter development possibilities? Read on, as we certainly will in this article.

Business perspective: The reasons behind companies opting for Flutter

Go straight to the answer – companies choose Flutter for its cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and versatility.

  • Flutter reduces development costs by up to 40% and quickens the time to market with a single code base for mobile, web and desktop applications.
  • It also reduces maintenance costs and simplifies cross-platform updates.
  • In addition, Flutter makes it easy to expand to new platforms and reach a wider audience without additional effort.

Let’s dive into the success stories of major companies like Alibaba, Google Ads and The New York Times to understand how Flutter’s unique features have significantly improved their app performance, streamlined their development processes and contributed to their market success.

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Where it all began: The first successful Flutter app

Hamilton: The app that set the stage

The first successful app built with Flutter is widely considered to be the app for Hamilton, the Broadway musical (iOS, Android, Website). Released in 2017, the Hamilton app was one of Flutter’s early adopters, even before Flutter reached its stable 1.0 release version in December 2018.

The Hamilton app was a significant project that demonstrated Flutter’s capabilities in a real-world, high-profile application. The success and smooth performance of the Hamilton app on both iOS and Android platforms demonstrated Flutter’s potential for creating visually appealing and functionally rich cross-platform applications, and helped establish Flutter’s reputation as a robust framework for mobile app development.

hamilton top flutter app

Key features:

  • Latest News: Get updates and access exclusive content like videos and slideshows related to Hamilton.
  • Lottery Access: Enter official Hamilton lotteries for various locations.
  • The Treasury: Earn and use stars to unlock personalized videos, exclusive filters, karaoke tracks, sticker packs, show props, and more.
  • Trivia: Play the daily trivia game.
  • Karaoke: Record and share videos of yourself singing along to Hamilton tracks.
  • #HamCam: Take photos with Hamilton-themed overlays and unlock location-based stickers at theaters and Hamilton venues.
  • Stickers: Share Hamilton-related stickers in-app or via the included Messages feature.
  • Merch Store: Purchase official Hamilton merchandise.

Find out more about the Hamilton app creation on Flutter Dev Story.

Redefining app development: Key apps that put Flutter on the tech map

Now, let’s take a closer look at the projects that really put Flutter on the map.

myBMW: Driving innovation in the automotive industry

The myBMW app (iOS, Android), a comprehensive assistant for BMW owners, showcased Flutter’s capabilities in the automotive sector. This app provided remote control functions, service scheduling, and detailed vehicle information. It demonstrated how Flutter can be used for applications that require high levels of security and data processing, all whilst providing an intuitive and sophisticated user experience.

myBMW top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Vehicle Status Control: View important details like a vehicle’s fuel level, whether its doors and windows are closed, its location, and software updates.
  • Remote Vehicle Operation: Directly control features like climate settings, locking and unlocking doors, sound and light signals, as well as view surroundings, and configure the BMW Digital Key.
  • Journey Planning: Destination search, gas station, charging station, and parking spot lookup. Send details directly to navigation.
  • Electromobility Optimization: Intelligent support for electric drive range planning and charging management.
  • Discover the World of BMW: Stay updated with BMW news, receive messages, and access direct links to the BMW Shop and Financial Services.
  • Service Need Management: Direct contact with the dealer for service actions, book service appointments through the app, and video acceptances for repairs.

Reflectly: A new era in personal wellness apps

Reflectly (iOS, Android, website), an AI-powered personal journal app, was one of the first adopters of Flutter. This app leveraged the framework’s potential to create a visually engaging and fluid user experience. With its personalized daily questions and insights, Reflectly leveraged Flutter’s ability to handle complex algorithms while maintaining a beautiful UI, redefining the standards for wellness apps.

Reflectly Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Mood Tracking: Users can document their feelings throughout the day.
  • AI-Driven Insights: The app employs artificial intelligence to showcase mood correlations and patterns through graphs.
  • Personalized Queries: Based on individual journal entries, Reflectly poses custom questions to encourage deeper reflection and gratitude.
  • Review Functionality: Users can read or modify previous journal inputs.
  • Comprehensive Overviews: The app provides daily, weekly, and monthly summaries with individualized insights.
  • Motivational Quotes: Morning motivation and daily quotes help boost the user’s mood.


Jacob Kristensen
Founder & CPO at Reflectly

Reflectly was founded in January 2017. Fast forward to August 2017 – after an extensive period of user testing, we launched an MVP of Reflectly built entirely in React Native.

We had a huge problem with the cross-platform compatibility of our UI between iOS and Android. 

We just couldn’t get our intended features out fast enough, and it slowed our business down immensely, which was frustrating to say the least.

In January 2018, we started looking far and wide and that’s when we came across Flutter.

As a former web and native app developer, getting started with Flutter was really awesome. I know it’s been said before, but the tremendous power and productivity you get with instant stateful hot reload was mind-blowing to me.

In our case, it took just 2.5 months from the first line of Flutter code, written in March 2018, to the completion of the entire app – including a complete redesign and the addition of a number of new features in progress. This included both the Dart learning curve and a complete rewrite from scratch for both the frontend and backend – with 0% code reuse from our previous implementation.

Standing on the other side of the rewrite, I can say without a doubt that it was the best decision we’ve ever made for our platform. Not only are we able to maintain incredibly fast and secure release cycles, but we haven’t had to do a platform-specific implementation EVER.

Our crash rates are down tenfold and our users are happier than ever.

NTFY: Award-winning mCommerce app for Poland’s top diet caterer

Nice To Fit You app (iOS, Android), Mobile Trends Awards 2022 winner, was redesigned using Flutter to improve the user experience and increase engagement and sales. As a central hub for order management, it efficiently processes over 200,000 meals per day. This demonstrates Flutter’s ability to improve mobile app performance and user satisfaction. For more details, read our NTFY case study here.

NTFY Award-Winning Flutter App Example

Key features:

  • Meal & Diet Customization: Offers personalized meal options based on dietary preferences and goals.
  • Restaurant Experience: Choose meals like you would in a restaurant without a long-term commitment.
  • Real Food Photos: Displays authentic images of meals for an accurate representation.
  • Meal Details: Provides detailed information about each meal.
  • Free Choice of Diet Days: Enables users to customize their diet days.
  • Loyalty Program: Includes a loyalty system to reward and engage customers.
  • Rating Dishes: Enables users to rate and review meals.
  • Order Management: Enables users to change their order details even one day before delivery.
  • User Profile Management: Enables users to easily manage their profiles and preferences.

App highlights:

Launching a new cross-platform Flutter app resulted in:

  • 50% higher user return rate vs web
  • 50% higher conversion rate vs web
  • 70% of all orders via the mobile app

Also, the App Store rating has risen from 4 to 4.7 based on thousands of reviews.

Google Ads: Simplifying ad management

Google’s own Google Ads app (iOS, Android) is a prime example of Flutter’s versatility. Designed to help users manage their ad campaigns on the go, this app demonstrated how Flutter could be used for complex, data-driven applications. The ability to track ad performance, update bids, and receive real-time notifications made it an essential tool for marketers, while also showcasing Flutter’s robustness and reliability.

Google Ads Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Campaign Creation & Editing: Use Google Ads app to create and modify ads anywhere, anytime. Choose from various campaign types like search, display, video, and more.
  • Performance Tracking: Access detailed campaign data. Monitor metrics like clicks, views, conversions, etc.
  • Optimization: Improve campaign performance using the Google Ads app’s tools and tips.
  • Easy Management: Intuitive interface for quick and straightforward tasks.
  • Availability: Access the app on both mobile and desktop devices. Manage campaigns from any device.

App highlights:

The Google Ads app has been downloaded more than 100 million times and it’s available in more than 40 languages.

Alibaba’s Xianyu: Flutter’s e-commerce breakthrough

Alibaba’s Xianyu app (iOS, Android), a leading online marketplace for used goods, was another key early adopter of Flutter. With millions of users, this app demonstrated Flutter’s scalability and performance capabilities. Thanks to Flutter’s efficient rendering and fast loading times, the app was able to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience, a critical aspect for any e-commerce platform.

Alibaba Xianyu Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Broad Product Selection: Alibaba offers a vast array of products, including clothing, electronics, household goods, and more.
  • Easy Product Search: Users can search for products based on name, description, category, and other criteria.
  • Product Comparison: The app allows users to compare products in terms of price, quality, and other factors.
  • User Reviews: The Alibaba app provides user reviews to assist in purchasing decisions.
  • Shopping Cart: Users can add products to their cart and make purchases directly through the app.
  • Payment Options: Alibaba provides multiple payment methods, including via credit card, debit card, and PayPal.

App highlights:

The app supports over 100 languages and has over a billion users globally. It’s part of the Alibaba Group from China, which also owns popular shopping platforms like AliExpress and Taobao.

Bing Sun

Bing Sun
Developer at Alibaba Group

We were immediately intrigued by Flutter’s UX capabilities, including high FPS and smooth UI. Most importantly, Flutter was an incredible time saver. It allowed us to use a single code base, which makes maintaining our app much easier and faster.

Because we have tens of millions of users, we could not build a new app from scratch, so we started implementing Flutter features incrementally and integrating them into our apps. The ItemDetail page – the most important, complex, and frequently visited section – is run through a single codebase on Android and iOS using Flutter.

On the other hand, we faced unprecedented challenges & difficulties, e.g. with the Flutter SDK when it was still in beta, or with adding Flutter to existing native projects. We had to provide a hybrid mode of Flutter and native and ensure supporting tools for efficient collaboration in this mode. We were the first to do this. In the end, solving all these problems allowed our team to grow quickly and contribute to the improvement of Flutter.

Using Dart and single code to implement pages was different from our old habits, but we fell in love with it as soon as we tried it. What could be more fascinating than seeing the results as you edit your code?

Yes, we like Hot Reload and Dart, which are so easy to get that front-end developers ask, “Are you sure this is not client-side code? They look like Javascript + CSS, I mean, even I would like to try it!”

In no time, we had elegant pages. Wicked!

Nubank: Revolutionizing financial services

Nubank (iOS, Android), one of the largest independent digital banks in the world, turned to Flutter to unify its mobile app development. By adopting Flutter, Nubank was able to streamline its development process, improve app performance and enhance the user experience. This move was a significant endorsement of Flutter’s potential in the fintech industry.

Nubank Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Free Digital Account: Enjoy unlimited TED transfers (financial transaction in which a person performs a transfer between banks or financial institutions) without hidden charges).
  • Personalized Customer Support: Experience human-centric customer service tailored to your needs.
  • Global Credit Card: A no-annual-fee credit card accepted worldwide.
  • Transparent Experience: No fine print, inexplicable fees, or deceptive clauses.
  • Complete Control: Intuitive and integrated management of expenses, transactions, transfers, payments, and billing issuance.
  • Peace of Mind: Prioritizing user simplicity and security with proprietary technology, ensuring safety and control.

The New York Times: A Flutter-powered puzzle

The New York Times crossword and puzzle apps developed with Flutter (iOS, Android) brought a new dimension to digital puzzles. The smooth and responsive interface that is critical to an enjoyable puzzle experience was made possible by Flutter’s powerful UI toolkit. It highlighted Flutter’s ability to handle interactive content with ease.

The New York Times Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Global Reporting: Content from over 1,700 journalists worldwide.
  • Interactive Gaming: Daily games like Wordle and Sudoku, as well as access to extended puzzle archives for subscribers.
  • Customizable Alerts: Personalized notifications and curated briefings.
  • ‘For You’ Section: Tailored content based on user preferences.
  • Subscriber Exclusives: Share articles and access in-depth newsletters.
  • Up-to-date Widgets: Refreshable NYT widget for real-time top stories.

Sector by sector: Flutter’s role in revolutionizing mobile applications

As the framework matured, it attracted a wide range of applications in different industries, from Nubank in finance to Reflectly in wellness, demonstrating its versatility and robustness. Let’s take a look at a few more examples of apps made with Flutter in various markets.


eBay Motors (iOS, Android)

Dedicated to automotive sales, eBay Motors allows users to browse, buy and sell vehicles and parts. The app leverages Flutter’s powerful UI capabilities to present a large inventory in an organized and user-friendly way.

eBay Motors Flutter App

Key features:

  • AI-Powered Image Sorting: Automatically categorizes vehicle images into exterior, interior, and engine sections.
  • Easy Vehicle Listing: Quick listing process using a photo of the vehicle’s license plate to auto-populate details.
  • Escrow Services: Secure transactions through a partnership with, ensuring protection for both buyers and sellers.
  • Chat Features: Enables users to discuss vehicles and negotiate directly within the app.
  • Community Engagement: Enables users to comment on listings and connect with other car enthusiasts.
  • Video Uploads: Sellers can add videos to their listings for a more comprehensive display.
  • Cross-platform Consistency: Developed using Flutter for a seamless experience on both iOS and Android devices.

Commerce and deals

Groupon (iOS, Android)

This popular app for discovering local deals and experiences uses Flutter to ensure a smooth and fast browsing experience. Its intuitive interface helps users search, buy, and redeem deals effortlessly.

Groupon Flutter App

Key features:

  • Local and Global Deals: Access to discounts of up to 70% on local experiences and global adventures.
  • Immediate Redemption: Purchase and redeem offers directly via the app, eliminating the need for physical vouchers or coupons.
  • User Reviews: Read feedback from previous customers and contribute your own reviews.
  • Shareable Deals: Easily share interesting deals with friends and family.
  • Cash Back Opportunities: Earn up to 30% cash back at select Groupon+ restaurants.
  • Groupon Getaways: Travel packages to exotic destinations with accommodation at luxury hotels.

Smart home technology

Philips Hue (iOS, Android)

An app for controlling Philips Hue smart lights. Flutter’s ability to handle real-time data and communication ensures a responsive and interactive user experience.

Philips Hue Flutter App

Key features:

  • Organization of Smart Lights: Users can group their lights into Rooms or Zones, reflecting the actual configuration of their homes.
  • Remote Light Control: Enables users to adjust brightness, temperature, and color of lights across various Rooms or Zones from any location with internet access.
  • Scene Gallery: Professionally designed scenes that can instantly transform the ambiance of a room. Users can choose from pre-designed scenes or create their own.
  • Light Recipes: Four expert-designed light recipes cater to different daily activities, like Energize for mornings or Relax for winding down.
  • Customizable Automations: Enables lights to adjust according to users’ daily routines, from morning wake-ups to evening greetings.
  • Smart Light Synchronization: Allows lights to flash, dance, and change color in coordination with screens or sound, compatible with devices like the Philips Hue Play HDMI sync box or Spotify.

Social media and content sharing

KlasterMe (iOS, Android)

A social platform that allows users to create and share content in a unique magazine-style layout. Flutter’s design flexibility allows for a distinctive and engaging user interface.

KlasterMe Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Task Organization: Users can create multiple projects, tasks, and sub-tasks, with details like team members assigned, deadlines, and more.
  • Communication Tools: Offers group and private chats, file sharing, and video call capabilities.
  • Task Management: Enables task assignments to team members, setting deadlines, and defining priorities. It also provides the ability to monitor task completion status.
  • Progress Tracking: Features a kanban view for easy visualization and tracking of task progress.
  • Data Analysis: Provides reports for analyzing project data such as task duration, team productivity, and member engagement.
  • Integration Capabilities: Offers integration with popular tools like Slack, Confluence, and Jira.

top native mobile apps made with flutter

Abin Baby
Co-Founder and Developer at KlasterMe

Once you get past the steep learning curve, Flutter works almost like magic. Abracadabra…a navigation drawer appears. Hocus pocus…a hero animation. It is that easy and fun!

Flutter widgets made development easy, productive and fast. Although the third-party modules and components were not as extensive as in the case of React Native, more than 90% of the widgets we needed for the first version of our app were available in Dart Pub. These widgets are so easy to customize that you can easily create almost anything you can imagine.

In addition, Flutter has a really enthusiastic and helpful community on Github, Stack Overflow, and Google Groups. I should also mention that they have insanely good documentation, which made getting started really, really easy.

The Hot Reload feature also helped speed up the application development process, making it easy to experiment with the UI and fix bugs in a very short time.

Flutter is the best mobile development framework I have come across so far.

Hookle Inc. (iOS, Android)

A social media management app designed to help businesses efficiently schedule, create, and track content across multiple platforms, making social media marketing simplified and time-efficient.

Hookle Flutter App

Key features:

  • Unified Social Media Management: Connect and manage all your social media channels in one place, including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile.
  • Efficient Planning & Scheduling: Maintain a consistent online presence with a dedicated calendar, enabling you to create drafts, schedule posts for multiple platforms, and make quick edits even while on the go.
  • Advanced Content Creation: Generate and customize content for various channels within the app, benefit from Hookle AI-powered post suggestions, access 3 million Unsplash images, and easily group and select hashtags.
  • Seamless Publishing & Sharing: Directly publish and share different types of content, including multi-image posts and Instagram carousels, across multiple channels from a single app.
  • Comprehensive Performance Tracking: Get an overview of your social media performance with the unique ‘Social Score’ metric and access key analytics of individual channels and posts.
  • Smart Guidance and Collaboration: Receive intelligent content suggestions and insights, discover your top-performing posts, and collaborate by sharing your channels with team members.

App highlights:

Founded in 2018 by seasoned social media experts, the app now boasts over 100,000 global users and supports over 20 languages.

Graphics and design

PostMuse (iOS, Android)

A Story Maker and Editor application designed for creating and customizing story templates with textual additions on photos.

PostMuse Flutter Top App

Key features:

  • Template Collections: Organized templates in specific categories like “ripped paper”, “black and bold”, and “gold foil”.
  • Customizable Story Templates: Enable users to design and save their own templates to maintain consistent story aesthetics.
  • Design Aids: Offers photo filters, cursive fonts, and emojis to enhance creativity.
  • Event-Oriented Templates: Provides design examples for specific occasions such as “Happy Birthday” or “I love you”.
  • Professional Photos Integration: Uses the Unsplash service to provide users with quality photos for their design projects.
  • Versatile Template Formats: Features both Stories and Post templates in various orientations, suitable for platforms like Instagram.

Apps made with Flutter

Andrei Diaconu
Founder of PostMuse

We see a lot of benefits from using Flutter. Our team is two people, and only one person actually codes, but that is more than enough for us to make the progress we needed, both for iOS and Android. We built PostMuse in a matter of months, including research. Considering this is a media editing app, we got to market in record time.

Developing in Flutter is just magical – everything loads almost instantly, complex UIs are built in hours, and the code itself is very easy to read and maintain. Anyone can write code that a machine can understand, but only good developers can write code that other developers can understand, and in my experience Flutter makes it easy to be a good developer.

The Flutter team has taken care to make development fun, and that includes Dart as a language. Do I miss Kotlin? Yes, to be honest – but I hope to never go back to slow reloads, slow compiles, and lots of boilerplate.

I wrote a small app in React Native and can say that it was quite fun to develop with, but when it comes to complex UI styling, nothing beats Flutter. And when I say nothing, I also mean the native Android and iOS frameworks. I think in some cases, Flutter’s implementation of Material Design was closer to the mark than Android’s implementation of it. It really is that extensible and powerful, and playing with it for just a few days should make that clear to anyone.

When is Flutter NOT a good choice? A good example would be any app with very little UI, or apps that need to do a lot of system integration. If you need a feature, and most of the work you will be doing is in Swift or Kotlin anyway, then you should probably just go native. Before you make that decision, though, check out Dart Pub, because there is a chance that someone has created a package with that OS-specific code.

If you are starting a new project, you should definitely consider Flutter. If you have any problems, the community is super helpful. I will definitely use Flutter for all my future projects

Real estate (iOS, Android, website)

Originally developed in Objective C and Java, faced scalability issues with separate iOS and Android builds. Adopting Flutter solved these challenges, improved the app’s scalability and cost-effectiveness, and streamlined the integration of new features. Top Flutter App

Key features:

  • Price Perfect: Helps users understand the costs of specific home features in different neighborhoods.
  • Commute Time Filter: Enables buyers to filter listings based on their preferred commute time, with a traffic toggle for accurate estimates.
  • Photo First Feature: Uses deep learning to categorize room photos, making it easier for users to find homes with their desired features.
  • Direct Connection to Agents: In select markets, users can schedule tours and communicate directly with agents through the app.
  • Personalized Experience: The app aims to address common pain points in home buying and selling, providing a more personalized and satisfying experience.


In10 (iOS, Android)

This lifestyle app challenges users to complete tasks or activities in 10 minutes, promoting productivity and time management. Built with Flutter, it provides a seamless, timer-integrated interface.

in10 Top Flutter Apps

Key features:

  • Weekly View: Optimized for mobile devices, it provides a clear view of your schedule and helps identify conflicts.
  • Weather Integration: Displays current temperature and weather conditions, including forecasts for upcoming events.
  • Maps and Travel Time: Offers estimated travel times to events from your current location.
  • Event Creation: Simplifies the process of creating events by remembering favorite locations, guests, and titles.
  • Invitations Management: Automatically shows new invitations and indicates whether events fit your schedule.

Health and wellness

Watermaniac (Android)

This app helps users track their daily water intake. Its simple and intuitive design, powered by Flutter, encourages regular hydration habits.

Watermaniac Flutter Top App

Key features:

  • Daily Water Goal Setting: Users can set personal daily water intake goals.
  • Drinking History Tracking: It logs and displays the user’s water consumption history.
  • Customizable Reminders: Offers reminders to drink water, which can be personalized according to the user’s schedule.

Apps made with Flutter

Artur Rymarz
Creator of Watermaniac

I had a feeling that Flutter could be a big thing in the software industry, and I’m really glad I trusted myself, and I don’t regret a single minute I spent learning Google’s Flutter.

As a developer, I really enjoyed writing an app in Flutter compared to React Native, which I tried once and disliked after a few hours. Creating simple and advanced UIs is so much fun that I’m thinking about porting the same approach to Swift by creating a library for it.

Flutter is easy to learn, so even if your team doesn’t have a single developer who specializes in it, the cost of training those who are willing to learn Flutter should be quite low.

I’m not sure about the maintenance costs, though. They might seem lower in most scenarios, but if one day there is a big iOS/Android update that breaks half of the features we have implemented, it could be devastating, especially if there are a lot of dependencies on plugins that authors might abandon. Anyway, in my opinion, Flutter is a great choice for startups with a smaller budget, although native iOS and Android apps should always perform better (if written correctly), so for apps where performance is critical, I would stick to native solutions (Android app development, iOS app development).

Education and learning

Music Tutor (iOS, Android, website)

This educational app helps users learn and practice reading music. Built with Flutter, it offers interactive lessons and exercises to make learning more engaging.

Music Tutor Flutter Top App

Key features:

  • Custom Practice Range: Users can set their own range of notes for practice, tailoring their learning experience to their skill level or specific needs.
  • Support for Multiple Clefs: The app supports notes up to four ledger lines above or below the staff on treble, bass, and alto clefs. This makes it versatile for users who read different types of music.
  • Notes Reference Charts: For easier learning and reference, the app provides notes reference charts for treble, bass, and alto clefs.
  • MIDI Support: Users can connect their keyboard or digital piano using a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and respond directly from their instrument, enhancing the practical aspect of learning.
  • Companion Apple Watch App: The app also has a version for the Apple Watch, allowing users to practice recognizing music notes on the go.
  • Interactive Learning: The app offers timed sessions for practicing music notes, helping to develop speed and accuracy in reading sheet music.

Apps made with Flutter

Bijoy Thangaraj
CEO of JSplash Studios

Thanks to Flutter, I was able to get the product to market quickly. I plan to use this technology for some of my upcoming projects.

The main drawback of Flutter is that it is widget-based and not all the low-level functionality is currently available as widgets. Also, there is currently not too many drag-and-drop visual IDE for designing the widgets. Everything is done by code.

When it comes to the advantages of Flutter, it is relatively easy to develop and maintain an application with this technology because of a single code base. Another advantage of Flutter is that apps built with this technology have native performance.

Revolutionizing web experience: Flutter web apps

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the versatility of app development tools becomes critical. Flutter, first adopted for mobile app development, has expanded its capabilities into the realm of web applications. Here are some examples of Flutter web apps.

  • Flutter Gallery: A collection of Flutter samples and widgets by the Flutter team.
  • PostMuse: An Instagram post creator with a robust design editor. 
  • Rive: A real-time interactive design tool for animated graphics. 
  • Supernova: A design and prototyping tool that streamlines app development. 
  • InKino: A cinema app showcasing movies and showtimes. 
  • Flutter Folio: A cross-platform scrapbooking app demonstrating responsiveness.

At Droids On Roids, we value Flutter Web for its ability to provide a consistent and seamless user experience across multiple platforms. Its design flexibility and rapid development cycle allow us to efficiently create visually appealing and highly functional web applications, making it an ideal choice for our web development projects. One example is the epyGuard™ IoT app – a mobile and web app connected with a novel wearable health monitor, tracking heat exhaustion levels of non-desk workers.

How to find the best Flutter development company?

When you’re on the lookout for the best Flutter development company, consider starting your search on platforms like Clutch. These sites offer client reviews that can provide you with real insights into various companies’ capabilities and reliability. 

It’s also important for you to review their portfolios and case studies closely. This step will give you a clear picture of their experience, expertise, and the range of projects they have successfully executed. 

Furthermore, arranging a consultation with the companies you’re considering is a crucial step. This meeting will allow you to directly assess their understanding of your specific needs and determine if they truly align with your project’s goals. Taking these steps will ensure that you find a Flutter development company that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Last but not least insight from a Flutter expert

Before we sum up this article, we want to put some icing on the cake. We would like to share with you one final insight from an expert. He is the Founder and President at Very Good Ventures – company that developed a selection of Flutter apps – one being for Hamilton Musical.

Apps made with Flutter

David DeRemer
Founder & President at Very Good Ventures

Flutter is absolutely a choice that every CTO or mobile developer should be considering. It is particularly well suited for new apps (i.e., it’s not as good for integrating into existing app projects) that don’t require deep hardware or OS integrations.

First off, most users don’t know that a Flutter app is not fully native. Previous cross-platform frameworks didn’t feel native enough. Flutter’s renderer is very fast and it does not have the same limitations for performance or security that we feel plague other frameworks (looking at you, JavaScript).

Cross-platform solutions have been around for a long time, but Flutter is the first one to do it right. It is not perfect, but it is worth consideration alongside native for all new apps at this point. In our experience, when we compare the pros and cons of Flutter versus native, Flutter wins every time (except games and apps that require unsupported hardware integrations as a core feature).

Since we shipped our first Flutter app, we have only used Flutter ever since. Nobody on my team would rather write an Android app in Java or Kotlin at this point. In fact, they might threaten to quit if we forced them to do so. Flutter is actually fun for developers. Consider that – not only do you get two apps, but you get it done faster and with a happier dev team.

In summary, we think Flutter is the future.

Wrap up

As you can see, many of the experts we have interviewed believe that Flutter is the future of mobile app development. Not only can Flutter speed up the development process, but it can also reduce project costs.

That said, use Flutter when:

  • Your dev team is familiar with Dart or want to learn it – as we’ve seen in our Insight, it’s easy!
  • Project focuses on distinctive designs/animations
  • Want a consistent UI across platforms
  • Want to reduce maintenance costs with a multiplatform app or by converting an existing native app to Flutter
  • Want to build both mobile and web apps with a single code base using Flutter

As avid Flutter enthusiasts and specialists, we focus on creating reliable, user-friendly and effective applications. Our hands-on experience with Flutter ensures that we can meet your specific needs with tailored, high-quality solutions.

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