A digital Health & Safety logbook for food handlers in the UK. With 20+ features, the app assists users with mandatory record-keeping and safety procedures.

iOS | Design | Backend

Our challenge

Our goal was to develop an app for iPad, together with backend development and design improvements.

Our solution

With 20+ features, the app helps restaurants owners to organize documentation, keep track of crucial restaurant’s factors and work smarter!

App screens

App features

Instant notifications

Every log is monitored. If you miss an action, you will be notified. You can easily check all relevant expiry dates

Data logs

With over 20 items on the menu user can monitor the Health & Safety requirements in his restaurant

Data exports

Your data is stored online and can be accessed at any time for you to preview or export

Preview multiple venues

User can add new restaurants with the same account in just a few clicks

Electronic signature

E-signature enabled features for approval and accountability is just a swipe away

Invite and manage employees

User can choose the level of data accessibility by choosing different classes of management

Cleaning schedules

Keep your cooking area clean thanks to multi-person verification of cleaning schedules and hygiene-enhacing tasks

Record & monitor 20+ factors

Fridge Temperatures, Menu Allergens, Freezer Defrosting Schedule, Oil Change Schedule, Delivered Chilled Food Temperatures and more

Daily updates

With daily updates, the status of your electrical equipment can be accurately measured so you know e.g. when to defrost a fridge

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