Product Design Workshop

Want to create a successful mobile or web app? A 3-day workshop with our experts will be the best first step to achieve it


Feel ready for the development of your idea

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Crystallize the vision

Confront your idea, get feedback and answer all your questions with experienced mobile market specialists

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Prepare documentation

Prepare the crucial documentation
and wireframes that are necessary
to start development of your app

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Get cost simulation

Plan your budget, estimate the time needed for development and win investorswith a convincing business plan

What tools do we use?

Look at your idea from different angles

What is the plan?

Within three days we come to the necessary conclusions and plans

Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Product Canvas
  • Personas
  • Event Storming part 1
Day 2
  • Event Storming part 2
  • User Journey Map
  • Wrap up
Day 3
  • Features & Priorities
  • MVP crystallization
  • Development time approximations
  • Wrap up & next steps

Who is needed?

Let's get the toughest heads together in one place

iOS Developer

Back-end Developer

UX Designer

Android Developer

Scrum Master

Account Manager

Your Product Owner

Your Business Person

Your Technical Person

What is the outcome of the workshop?

Effects allow you to start work or seek funding for your big idea

Workshop Materials

Everything we work on during the MVP workshop: product canvas, personas, event storming, user journey map and prioritization chart

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Clickable prototype/wireframes

Few days after the workshop you will receive a clickable prototype of your application, so you can show it to others who want to understand your idea and see how it works.

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Development forecast

Up to one week after the workshop, the team will prepare a cost simulation for you, with a split for each platform and user story

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See why our clients see the workshop as an important stage

The workshop was a valuable phase of our cooperation with Droids On Roids, because it helped us to prepare well and to be more conscious of the development process. Together with Droids On Roids’ experts, we have clarified what we want. The team was very professional, goals-focused, and timing-oriented. They gave us their recommendations which convinced us and turned out to better than our original ideas.

Product Design Workshops Participant Testimonial
Maciej Dulski
CEO, Veepee

Ready to take your business to the next level with a digital product?

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