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What is Product Discovery?

Data-based decisions over assumptions

Product Discovery is a crucial process in app development that helps identify users' needs and problems that the app should solve. It involves researching, analyzing, and understanding your target audience.

Product Discovery helps you to:

verify your assumptions

verify your assumptions

minimize money-wasting risk

minimize money-wasting risk

speed up your product launch

speed up your product launch


Instead of making a first version of your app and then seeing what users think, Product Discovery lets you find out what they want before you even start building the app. This way, you can make choices based on data and get your app done faster, saving you time and money.

Why is it worth doing Product Discovery?

Boost your app's success potential

Clear Vision

Clear Vision

Product Discovery helps define your app's goal and target audience, boosting the chances of meeting user needs

Improved ROI

Improved ROI

By investing in Product Discovery, you can create an app that resonates with your audience and generates a better ROI

Faster Launch

Faster Launch

Product Discovery enables you to make informed decisions, streamlining the development process

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Identifying potential issues early in development process can minimize the risk of costly revisions/redesigns later on

Better UX

Better UX

By researching user needs and preferences, Product Discovery allows you to create a user-friendly, intuitive app

Winning Edge

Winning Edge

Product Discovery provides market & competitor insights, enabling you to create a unique app standing out in a crowded marketplace

Higher Retention

Higher Retention

Understanding your users helps you create an app that keeps them coming back, resulting in increased retention rates and long-term success

Lower failure risk

Lower failure risk

Product Discovery helps to validate your app idea, reducing the chances of launching a product that users don't like or need

Basic questions

See if it's right for you

Who it is for

👉 Can you read the minds of your users? If not, you need Product Discovery.

Product Discovery is highly useful in the development of any application. If you are a founder who cares about the success of your product, you should not skip this phase.

When to do it

Product Discovery typically starts at the beginning of the app development process, before the design and development stages. But not only then!

👉 Research should also be conducted during or after app development.

We can check how users perceive the successive iterations of your product. With this knowledge, you can improve and grow your app in the best way.

What you get

👉 With Product Discovery, you no longer have to guess. You'll learn:

  • who your product's target audience is,
  • the actual problem your app should solve,
  • how your product can address users' needs,
  • how your app can provide the most value to the target audience,
  • what factors influence users' decisions,
  • whether it's worth to invest in your product development.

Why Product Discovery matters: Essential statistics

Enhance user loyalty and boost your ROI


ROI on UX Investment

On average, every dollar invested in UX yields a return of $100 (a 9,900% ROI). This demonstrates the value of investing in Product Discovery, including UX research and design. (1)


Abandonment Rate

21% of users abandon an app after just one use, while 71% churn within 90 days. Proper Product Discovery can help create a better user experience, leading to increased user retention. (2)


Rejection Rate

Apple's App Store reportedly rejects around 40% of submitted apps. Product Discovery helps ensure your app meets guidelines and delivers a high-quality UX, reducing the rejection rate.(3)


of internet users...

will access the web solely via their smartphones by 2025. Product Discovery helps you tap into this growing market by developing a well-planned and user-focused app.(4)

5 Steps of Product Discovery

Transparent process that results in a report


Introduce your vision

Tell us all about your assumptions regarding your app and its users. Our UX Researchers will ask you who your target audience is, what problem your product solves, and what needs it addresses.


Choosing research methods

Our UX Researchers will create a customized Product Discovery plan for your app, choosing the best research methods available. We provide you with a detailed proposal and cost estimate.


Conducting research

While our experts conduct research, you have full transparency into the process. Edit surveys or interview scenarios, observe in-depth interviews, and more.


Get a report with our recommendations

After each research phase, we provide a detailed report with data analysis and recommendations for development during a meeting. We'll make necessary adjustments if you have any feedback.


What's next?

It's time to put your research findings into practice! Now we can smoothly move into the development phase, or if there is a need to explore your app further, we recommend a 3-day Product Design Workshop.

5 main research methods out of the many we offer

Research methods tailored to your project

👉 Desk Research

Gathering and analyzing existing data and information from various sources (journals, websites, reports, etc.) about your competition, target audience, industry regulations, and more.

👉 UX Audit

Identifying areas for improvement in your product to make it more user-friendly and intuitive. A UX Audit can help identify and address any issues that may cause users to struggle with your app or prefer your competitor's solution.

👉 Quantitative Surveys

Collecting numerical data and measuring various aspects of user behavior and preferences on a large scale. We ask the right questions to your target audience, and you’ll quickly receive substantial feedback.

👉 In-depth Interviews

One-on-one conversations between a UX Researcher and a user. Through open-ended questions, we gather detailed, qualitative insights about your target audience. This provides a deeper understanding of users' needs.

👉 Usability Testing

Potential users interact with your app to assess its ease of use, functionality, and overall user experience. Tests can be conducted on concepts, wireframes, or designs! Ensure your product effectively assists users upon release.


Stop guessing! Validate your app idea with industry experts

and boost your app’s success potential

Not ready for an estimate? Write to us and book a Product Design Workshop to clarify your vision and prepare the crucial documentation.