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Gyder helps users discover, plan, navigate and access event perks.


Stuart is a member of the Gyder LTD team. He noticed that organizing events and informing participants about attractions was difficult and time-consuming. That is why Stuart decided to make an application for managing events to improve the process. To solve that problem, he contacted Droids On Roids to bring that app idea to life.


Our objective was fully understand the problem. It led us to deepen our collaboration with Stuart by conducting a three-day workshop.
Once we finished it, we defined the priorities for the first sprint. While also making sure that the application was user-friendly and easy to navigate.
We jointly gathered valuable information to identify the concretised target audience and crucial features. That gave Stuart an overview of the scope of the project.
The collected team then presented a schedule of expected work and cost estimates.
After being fully informed, Stuart decided to continue the cooperation with us, so we began the development process.


We focused on making the application run smoothly for all users, even after its release. Thanks to the talented Flutter team, we’ve incorporated exciting features such as customized map navigation and prompt alerts to keep our users informed. Our main goal was to make event planning effortless for all our users. Stuart expressed his satisfaction with the final product, which proves our commitment to our customers’ happiness. We had a fantastic experience collaborating with Gyder LTD, and we’re excited to follow the future successes of the app.

App screens

App features

Custom Map Navigation

Guide users during outdoor events with a personalized map.

Map Filters

Customize search options on the map for better navigation.

Event Timetable

Keep track of showtimes and save to bookmarks with timely notifications.

Exclusive Offers

Provide special deals for app users during the event.

Advertising Opportunities

Attract organizers and exhibitors by displaying targeted ads.

Exhibitor Feature Pages

Create dedicated pages with exhibitor descriptions.

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