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Metapro wallet

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The metapro wallet is a free web3 non-custodial wallet to browse
cryptocurrencies, gaming assets and connect to the Apps.


To allow customers to store their crypto tokens, NFTs and meta assets in an easy-to-use, non custodial wallet.


A wallet for crypto running on the Ethereum, BNB and Polygon networks.


Droids On Roids is a very mature organization and you can feel it from the first moment. They have excellent knowledge in building mobile applications and they are up to date with the newest trends and technologies. Their processes are really thought through and answer to our needs. What differentiates them from other companies is their focus. They are not working just on the development process - they are focusing on your goals and working with you towards them. We feel like they are an integral part of our company.

Michał Bartczak CTO

App screens

App features

Top Coins and Tokens

Token wallet support top coins and tokens from Ethereum, BNB Chain and Poligon networks.

All NFT standards

NFT wallet supports all the unique ERC721 and collectible ERC1155 standards connected with your metaverse & gaming assets.

Metaverse & gaming asset in one place

Metaverse wallet store all your favorite metaverse and gaming items connected with NFT tokens.

Integration with Metapro Market®

Metapro enables purchases of unique gaming NFTs.

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