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A personal finance app offering
a quick way to get an advance
on your next paycheck

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Our challenge was to build a fintech app that provides advances and emergency loans. Its goal is to help employees, regardless of credit history, access an extra week’s pay anytime to help manage unplanned expenses and build credit.


We built the app offering two key financial health products – Extra Week’s Pay, and Early Pay. The programs allow employees to avoid the loans trap. What’s more, the user can securely link their bank account to the app.


The application has been released on the market. Users confirm that it is well-designed and free of bugs. The client observes that 35% of users choose mobile apps over web app.


We were thrilled with the results. Their forecasting was incredibly accurate. They were great at estimating the workload and forecasting the hours and cost involved. There was dynamic communication. It was impressive.

I especially liked that they went a step beyond the scope and questioned some of our processes. Then, they suggested ways they could do it better.

I can’t praise them enough when it comes to project management. It was excellent. Their Scrum process is exceptionally well-thought-out. We have standing meetings, a refinement meeting, and a backlog planning meeting. They make my life easy. They’re direct with what they need from me as the Product Owner.

Max Zschoch Co-Founder & CPO, HoneyBee

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App features

Extra Week’s Pay

The program helps users with unplanned expenses by offering loan amounts up to $2,500, depending on their employment status and history. User repays the loan according to their payroll schedule.

Early Pay

With this program, users can advance their pay and repay with their next paycheck. Choose the amount, and decide how quickly you need the funds by selecting Express or Standard Funding.

Linking user’s bank account

The app uses Plaid to connect user’s bank. It’s secure – the transfer of the information is encrypted end-to-end. It’s private – user’s credentials will never be made accessible to HoneyBee app.

Push notifications

User receives a notification as soon as their employer has approved their information.

Sign up and sing in

Users can sign in with their email and password, phone number and password, or with their individual passcode.

Bee Financial Coach

User can schedule free sessions with a "Bee Financial Coach" and benefit from one-on-one confidential counseling about student loans, credit, budgeting, and more. 

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