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Gives users the possibility to collect and manage their receipts in a convenient, paper-free way and build an initial customer database.


Following Agile methodology, Droids On Roids executes each task efficiently while staying flexible to sudden changes in requirements. Their strong project management skills have also helped them adhere to all deadlines. As a fellow developer, I’ve also been impressed with almost everything they do, especially with the quality of their work.

Eddy Herman Co-Founder & CTO

App screens

App features


Registration in the application is done by providing a phone number. To complete registration, the user must fill in their personal information.

QR code

Each registered user can display a unique QR code, which, after scanning at the partner, allows one to obtain a virtual receipt, shown in the Slip application.

Display receipts

Receipts are available in the form of a list and a view of the details of a given receipt.


The user can add their QR code to the Apple Pay and Google Wallet apps as a unique Slip card.


Each of the registered receipts can make a return. Depending on the return policy for a given partner, one of three codes (QR, barcode or text) is displayed, allowing the user to easily make a return. The receipt view is updated according to the actual status.

Single slip flow

A new user of the application has the opportunity to test it without complete registration. So he can scan his QR code once and get a virtual receipt. Even if he decides not to complete the registration, he has access to a single receipt all the time.


The section displays available discounts from partners. The user can browse the offers and go to the details view. Discount codes are shown as a barcode, QR code or text code.


There are two types of notifications in the app. The first is related to the appearance of new offers and is directed to all users, while the second is related to registering a new receipt for a given account.


Profile management. Users can edit their contact information and manage marketing consent.


The application has an extensive event reporting system, so you can monitor user behaviour and needs in real-time.


Display a list of partners in which stores you can use the Slip application.

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