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What you will learn

Flutter is a hot topic. It’s time you found out if this emerging technology could improve your mobile app development process.

In this ebook, you’ll see the best Flutter app examples with key insights from 17 app owners and developers who are actively working with the framework. Dive into their stories and learn:

  • How Flutter affects teamwork, development cycles and cost
  • The key differences between Flutter, React Native
    and native app development
  • How your business could benefit from adopting Flutter
  • The obstacles you could face and when Flutter is not the right choice

Stories from ebook

This is only a handful of quotes from the 17 stories we’ve collected in the ebook

Developing in Dart with just one code for two platforms was different from the habits
we used to have, but we fell in love with it as soon as we tried it out.

Bing Sun Developer at Alibaba Group

With Flutter we can deliver an app within less than 2 months which is 40% faster than development with native SDK, and certainly without sacrificing quality.

Ardiansyah Putra Creator of Cryptomaniac Pro

Cross-platform solutions have been around for a long time, but Flutter
is the first one to do it right.

David DeRemer Founder and President at Very Good Ventures

At first I was skeptical about Flutter, mostly because of the language
and the fact that it doesn't use native widgets.

Victor Bonnet Creator of Top Goals app, Senior Software Engineer

I perfectly remember the moment when we decided to choose Flutter(...).
That sounded risky but fascinating, and our wilder side won.

Pedro Moreno Product Manager in EntrenaPro project

Not only are we able to maintain incredibly fast and extremely confident release cycles,
but we haven’t ONCE had to do a platform-specific implementation.

Jacob Kristensen Founder & CPO at Reflectly

Flutter almost works like magic. Abracadabra... there comes a navigation drawer.
Hocus pocus… a hero animation. It is that easy and fun!

Abin Baby Co-founder and Developer at KlasterMe

Before Flutter goes as a standard, development community needs to appreciate
the new SDK and transform it to business value.

Paweł Zieliński Head of Marketing at Miquido