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5 Reasons to Design and Develop your App at the Same Software House

App design & development team

If you want your app to rock the world, you have to consider hiring a designer who will ensure it is user-friendly. To make the whole process as smooth and easy as possible, choose a software house which has a designer in its team. Just have a glance at these 5 reasons why it pays off.

A few months ago, we decided to start our own UI/UX Team at Droids on Roids that will take care of creating the best combination of usability (User Experience) and beauty (User Interface) for our clients. After a couple of projects, that are already released, we can proudly say it was a good move — not only for us but for our clients as well!

#1 Developers save loads of time trying to reproduce the designs in the actual app

While working on the apps’ visual side, our designers prepare high-quality mockups along with a set of guidelines to make it easier to implement exactly as it was designed. Using a combination of tools such as Sketch and Zeplin, a designer needs to only do a few more clicks, while the developer saves hours while recreating every screen in code.

01 2

Sketch and Zeplin are the best duo out there!

#2 Consulting designs with developers on a daily basis helps to create solutions that are the best for users and the easiest for developers

Being fancy is not always the best choice in terms of building an app — we know that and that’s why we consult our designs with developers every day. Thanks to this, we create useful and beautiful designs that are friendly for users and up to date with actual trends, while still being easy to implement for developers.

#3 An in-house designer is your Pixel Guardian

No one cares more about the final look and feel of the app than the person who designed it in the first place. Thanks to hiring an in-house designer, you have a full-time Pixel Guardian who checks the design implementation every day in the final app, making sure everything is recreated just the way our client accepted it. No pixel will be missed!

02 3

Pixel Perfect designs not only in the picture but in code as well!

#4 The implementation runs smoothly

With an in-house designer, there is no need to ask or wait for graphical assets from accepted screen designs — all this stuff is already waiting for the developers, as this is the part of our designer’s “definition of done”.

#5 You can save your time

Looking for the right designer takes time. So, if you hire a team with a designer, you can save lots of valuable time (and some money too). You can be sure that the in-house designer will take good care of your project and will make sure that the implementation process of your ideas will be as smooth as possible.


Hiring a Software House that gives you the whole package – a team of designers and developers – pays off sooner rather than later, saving you time and money. Building an app in a friendly environment simply encourages creative minds to build something unique and in amazing high quality. Try it yourself – you won’t regret it.