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Henley Business School Students Visited Our Office

24 students from UK’s Henley Business School, together with Professor Keith Heron, visited the Droids On Roids office. We had the opportunity to share our practical knowledge and experience. See how it went!

We love sharing knowledge and that’s why we couldn’t be more happy to host 24 students and Professor Keith Heron, from the UK’s Henley Business School*, at our office. They wanted to learn more about the app development process from the inside. The visit to Droids On Roids was not a typical part of their study programme.

– I felt that the visit at Droids on Roids would be very useful for our students to learn more about the development of ‘unknown specifications’ that customers have and need developing. It was a useful training opportunity for their consultancy programme is their final project – explains Professor Keith Heron. Henley’s students help UK’s entrepreneurs to take their technological ideas to market.

– We started with exploring our office. I discussed how our office space boosts our productivity – explains Vlad Bartkovyak from Droids on Roids. – Then we had a presentation about our company, strategy and daily work. Near the end, we invited students to a Q&A session with our Vice-President Tomasz Muter and Marta – our Scrum Master – adds Vlad.

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

Our visit to you gave a great insight into the challenges of developing technology solutions and also the time involved in the development of the final specification. I really liked the culture of the Droids On Roids team. Everyone is very open and friendly and this leads, I think, to good knowledge transfer and collaboration.

We all enjoyed our visit and I hope we may visit you again next year.

Keith Heron
Associate Professor at Henley Business School

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

It is a good opportunity for me to be able to visit and know how one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe works. I learned how the main processes of mobile and web app development looks and heard about the interesting strategy of recruitment at Droids On Roids.

In addition, I also learned how it structures its human resources. Each developer, for instance, has his/her partner to share opinions and assess with each other which, for me, is extremely helpful for self-improvement.

The products/services that the company offers are really cool. Clients can come to Droids On Roids and can have everything regarding mobile and web application, from the ideas stage to the after-sale services with its consultancy. It is a kind of all-in-one app development company. If I have any idea regarding an application, this company will be my very first choice to think about.

Setthawut Kulsrisuwan
Henley Business School Student

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

In my opinion, the visit at Droids On Roids was a great experience, as we not only got to see a great office concept with all the fancy stuff and positive vibes but also a very good insight into the company’s business model and success. The presentation gave me a very good impression of the expertise and trust-building concepts at Droids on Roids.

Moreover, I believe that the enthusiasm and positive mindset of the team is a key factor of their success with their customers and results.

With those attributes, I am keen to see where Droids On Roids might be 10 years from now!

Jonas Tusar
Henley Business School Student

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

Students Visit at Droids On Roids Office

– It was a pleasure to have such ambitious and knowledge-hungry guests. I hope we will meet with them in the future and create some great applications together! – sums up Tomasz Muter, Droids On Roids Co-founder & Vice-President.

*Henley Business School is the UK’s oldest school of its type which specializes in executive education. It is one of Europe’s top 30 MBAs. The school specializes in experiential education through curricular that enables students to lean through the practical application of theory. Through this, students gain feedback, from which they can learn and expand their knowledge.

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