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7 Ideas for Growing Your Business with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the next big thing on the market. Understanding it today is crucial for your business in the future.

7 Ideas for Growing Your Business with Google Assistant

Article updated 25.05.2020

Google Assistant – what is it?

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant developed by Google, available on mobile and smart home devices, that is already used in millions of households all around the world.

Read up on how it operates today and start catching up on implementing it into your business.

Actions on Google – what is it?

Actions on Google is a developer platform that lets you create software to extend the functionality of Google Assistant, Google’s virtual personal assistant, across more than 500 million devices, including smart speakers, phones, cars, TVs, headphones, watches, etc.

Users engage with Google Assistant to get things done, e.g., to buy tickets or book a taxi. As a business owner, you can use Actions on Google to easily create and manage delightful and effective conversational experiences between users and your 3rd-party fulfillment service.

Why is Google Assistant so great?

#1 Google Assistant is everywhere

You can find it on:

#2 Google Assistant is available in 80 countries and 30 languages

Google Assistant is usable in 80 countries1. Google Home has been in more than seven countries, including Spain, Mexico, Korea, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc.

#3 Google Assistant is immersive, interactive and proactive

Using Google Assistant from pairing and first talks to turning on Ikea Smart Lightning, ordering sushi, or turning on the heat is easy and fun. You talk to it as you would speak to an average person – and it understands you perfectly.

#4 Google Assistant controls many devices

Google Assistant can easily control thermostats, cameras, security systems, locks, ovens, and many more devices. See the best Google Home-compatible devices.

#5 People love Google Assistant

In the past two months, families and their children have conducted 130,000 hours of conversation through Google Assistant and Google Home.2 You can select from 6 types of Google Assistant voices. Even if you do not say “Hey Google” one by one, it will become aware of the conversation in a series of flows.  Google Assistant can even accept multiple requests at once, such as “What’s the weather like in New York and Austin?”.

#6 Thanks to Routines, people can fire a set of favorite actions using one sentence

You can customize routines with custom requests. For instance, when you say “supper time”, the lights dim, the dinner playlist on Spotify starts to play and the TV turns off. Imagine combining it with more advanced actions, such as “order sushi,” “pay taxes”, or “book cinema ticket.”

#7 Google Assistant is friendly

The recently introduced Pretty Please feature will cause your Google Home to respond positively to polite phrasing such as “please” and “thank you”. Pretty Please will even prompt your child to say “the magic word” when they give a command.

#8 Google Assistant powers new market type devices called Smart Displays

With Smart Display, a new market segment has been born. House devices with display and Assistant can target a wide range of customers. It’s something very different from the iPad. See the Lenovo Smart Display to understand the idea better.

#9 Google Assistant allows people to buy things

Today, you can even have your groceries delivered to you via the Google Assistant application. These goods can be ordered and sent straight to your home.

#10 Google Assistant makes phone calls (Google Duplex)

Google Duplex AI can automatically make phone calls. Although we are still not sure if it’s really happened, nevertheless, the concept is highly possible. Think of how you can adjust your service to respond to Google Duplex calls, so you don’t mingle the AI in confusion.

First, there was an “app for everything” and now it’s going to be “an action for everything.” Tomasz Muter

Why will Google Assistant change the world as we know it?

  • It’s already everywhere
  • It’s easy, fun and useful
  • You can buy things using voice
  • People can book appointments
  • People can control other devices using voice
  • People can add your business actions to their routines
  • It actually works!

7 Ideas to Grow Your Business with Google Assistant

  1. Allow people to order/buy things from your business
    “Hey Google, buy two tickets for tomorrow’s show”
  2. Allow people to book services using your business
    “Hey Google, book a table for eight people”
  3. Allow people to ask basic info about your business
    “Hey Google, can I tune up my bike in your shop?”
  4. Allow people to use your services using voice
    “Hey Google, request $15 from Mark using Google Pay”
  5. Allow people to play games
    “Hey Google, play a quiz about countries for three people”
  6. Allow people to learn more about themselves
    “Hey Google, how many rides have I taken in Uber?”
  7. Allow people to control your device
    “Hey Google, Set Nest Secure to Away and Guarding

What influences will Google Assistant have on businesses?

  • People will be more likely to buy devices with Google Assistant support
  • People will be more likely to order things that use Google Assistant
  • People will be more likely to book services that use Google Assistant or are Google Duplex compatible
  • People will be more likely to use services supporting Google Assistant
  • Brands using Google Assistant will be considered as more innovative

Still hungry for more about Google Assistant?

  1. Read about Google Assistant
  2. Read about Actions on Google
    1. Actions on Google Documentation
    2. Conversation Design Guide
    3. See a list of already available actions (+1 million)
  3. Read about Google Assistant in Business
  4. Buy Google Home Mini to see how it works for yourself
  5. Contact us and talk about how you can benefit from Google Assistant


Google Assistant is the next big thing on the market. Understanding it today is crucial for your business in the future. In the next year, using voice will become a rapidly growing trend, creating new markets, devices and sectors we can’t even imagine now.

Most things in the world have been done using voice communication between people. Now it is time to do it again with one human and Google Assistant.

Catch this wave and surf the future!


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