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Flutter News #2 | November 2023

What’s new about Flutter? Welcome to the new edition of our #FlutterNews – your monthly doze of Flutter buzz brought to you by our Flutter Team!

Hello Flutter enthusiasts! While we’ve been hard at work behind our coding screens, our Flutter team has been gathering hidden treasures and exciting updates from the vibrant world of Flutter that we’re bursting to share. Ready to join the journey? Let us introduce you to #FlutterNews – your monthly ticket to the Flutter universe.

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Noteworthy articles of the month

  • Ever wondered how to create engaging iOS Lockscreen widgets? Discover how to bring your favorite mascot to the lockscreen with the home_widget package. Dive into the step-by-step guide in this article! Read it here.
  • Shorebird Code Push for Flutter is here to turn Mobile App Developer dreams into reality! Seamless updates for Android, with iOS on the horizon! Learn more here.
  • Curious about the top Flutter state management packages? Uncover the ranks, ratings, and red flags! Find out which packages are crushing it in the latest LIKE-based ranking and learn how to make data-driven decisions for your Flutter projects! Check it out here.
  • Is your Flutter app ready for the offline challenge? Dive into the ‘offline-first’ concept and transform your app’s user experience. Explore practical insights and strategies to implement it in your next Flutter project. Don’t let connectivity issues hold your app back! Get the details here.
  • Want to explore Flutter’s practical fragment shaders and become a master of generative art? Dive into a series of tutorial articles written by Tymoteusz Buczkowski, Flutter Team Tech Officer at Droids On Roids. Find it here.

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