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Flutter News #4 | January 2024

What’s new about Flutter? Welcome to the new edition of our #FlutterNews – your monthly doze of Flutter buzz brought to you by our Flutter Team!

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Greetings, fellow Flutter enthusiasts! While diligently coding away, our dedicated Flutter team has been actively gathering a number of exciting developments and lesser-known treasures from the vibrant Flutter world. We’re eager to share these discoveries with you. Ready for a voyage of discovery? Welcome to #FlutterNews – your monthly portal to the universe of Flutter.

Highlighting Flutter events

  • July:

Don’t miss Fluttercon in Berlin! A key gathering for Flutter enthusiasts and experts. It’s one of the greatest opportunities to connect, learn, and innovate in the world of Flutter.

News that got us talking

  • Choosing the right technology to build a new application is a complicated and difficult process. If you want to understand the differences between Flutter and Kotlin better, check out the article written by Karol Wrótniak, a technical specialist at Droids On Roids who has experience in building native applications and applications built using the Flutter framework.

You can find it HERE.

  • Until recently, creating a 2D table with efficient scrolling using regular Flutter widgets was quite difficult. Table structure, field size, scrolling on both axes, and effective table display are just a few of the many issues surrounding this topic. The Flutter team has provided a very interesting two_dimensional_scrollables package that solves some of these problems and makes creating a 2D table much easier. 

Click HERE get started building a 2D table with Flutter.

  • Optimization is a topic we should care about in every Flutter project. The process of creating games is different from the process of creating a mobile application, but optimizations play the same key role. The new episode of the Observable<Flutter> series discusses the topic of optimizing the most basic loop in Flame, the game loop.

Watch it HERE.

  • Since Flutter 3.16, the Impeler rendering engine is also available in preview for Android devices. Try it in your project.

Click HERE to find the documentation.

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