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What is BLE?

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth Smart) is the intelligent, efficient & power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology, which was marketed as a part of Bluetooth 4.0 in 2010. Nowadays BLE is rapidly becoming one of the most common wireless standards in use. It was designed for very low power devices that can run on a coin cell battery for months or even years. BLE is also one of the most important technologies behind the Internet of Things.

How does it work?

BLE allows devices located in close proximity to communicate without cables while maintaining low power consumption and a high level of security. Transferring small amounts of data between nearby objects, creating interactive connections between a smartphone user and his or her surrounding and delivering a customized experience to a consumer based on their current location - these are just a few of many possibilities which BLE offers.


Heart rate monitors, fitness trackers, smartwatches, door controllers and wearable monitoring devices like thermometers and weight scales. These are just a few BLE devices we use today. They connect with smartphone apps and users can interact with them. You can measure your workout and track speed history during jogging or cycling, you can lock the door with your phone, check you e-mail and Facebook updates on your watch and much, much more.

Why BLE is a King?

Market advantages

BLE gives you a chance to reach a wider audience using ubiquitous ecosystem of Bluetooth devices. You can also meet changing consumer needs thanks to innovative wireless devices and grow revenue & customer loyalty with innovative apps

It’s everywhere!

The corresponding market for Bluetooth solutions is colossal. BLE is already used by billions of devices.

Perfect technology for communication

The corresponding market for Bluetooth solutions is colossal. BLE is already used by billions of devices.

Low power consumption

The ability to run for years on standard, coin-cell batteries. The active power consumption in BLE is reduced to a tenth of the energy consumption of classic Bluetooth!

Multi-vendor interoperability

This industry-standard wireless protocol allows for interoperability across platforms.

Ease of use and integration

Since Bluetooth Low Energy is included in any smartphone, you can create interactive apps that use familiar communication protocol with thousands of various devices, such as wearables or beacons.

Perfect technology for communication

The corresponding market for Bluetooth solutions is colossal. BLE is already used by billions of devices.

Robustness, security and reliability

BLE technology utilizes various technologies to minimize latency and interference with other radio technologies

Our BLE experience

We’ve created BLE apps for both Android and iOS platforms

We know how to deal with BLE integration on both platforms simultaneously.

12,345 hours - that’s the amount of hours we have spent developing apps using BLE.

Experienced team of Droids On Roids consists not only of developers, but also of QA Engineers, Scrum Masters, UX/UI Designers and Account Managers.

Creating a complex Bluetooth applications is what we love to do.

We have experience in coordinating multiple BLE devices in one app, Over-The-Air Update processes, state restoration and much, much more.

Thanks to BLE, we developed an app connecting Skybuds (wireless earphones) and smartphones.

It allows the user to choose a primary device for their earphones, set the sound quality, turn Power Saving Mode on/off or change the volume level.

We used BLE to develop GOFAR - an app connecting with a special data reading device straight from the car.

Users can see all the useful information on the screen of his or her phone, so they can understand their vehicle, drive it to the optimum level and save money.

In our portfolio you can find two apps designed to exchange photos & videos between a smartphone and a special digital frame.

Thanks to BLE, a user can connect and set up these two objects, due to display his pictures or videos on the digital frame.

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