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Senior Backend Developer (Node.js)

City: Wrocław Work from home, office or hybrid Status: ONGOING


21 000 - 24 000 PLN + VAT (B2B)

17 500 - 19 900 PLN gross (UoP)

Are you a Senior Backend Developer ready to start the challenge? Join our Web competence team and co-create modern web projects while upgrading your skills.

Working at Droids On Roids, you will be a part of the Web competence team and the part of a dedicated project development team along with Android Developers, QA’s, Scrum Master and Client himself.

Here are a few challenges for you:

  • Working with an experienced team that includes designers, scrum & product managers, software developers, and QAs
  • Direct communication with the Clients
  • Participating in software code reviews to ensure the creation of high-quality, robust code by all team members
  • Sharing knowledge and having a real impact on the code
  • Evaluating new technologies and keeping up with current industry best practices
  • Working based on Agile methodologies
  • Developing friendly processes like Continuous Integration, Code Review
  • Participating in internal Web Group Meetings (Web Team meets every Monday to discuss the latest trends, share knowledge, take part in code kats etc.). Here you can check one of the results of WGM – series of posts about TDD.

Check this list to find out if we’re a match.

You have:

  • At least 4+ years of commercial experience in Node.js (preferably Nest.js)
  • Knowledge of TypeScript
  • Knowledge of relational and/or NoSQL database (preferably PostgreSQL)
  • Experience in writing tests
  • Knowledge of clean architecture, clean code
  • Experience in deploying your code to cloud infrastructure (preferably AWS)
  • Experience in CI/CD
  • Fluent command of written and spoken English and Polish
  • Strong communication skills, you are self-motivated and able to work in a team-oriented environment

Here are few “nice to have” things:
(though you can always learn while working with us, thanks to our self-development program :))

  • Experience in React.js (so you can use your frontend skills when needed) 
  • Experience in Docker

You’ve got those things? Then click this big yellow “Apply Now” button and send us CV now 🙂

Psst… You don’t match all of the items on our requirements list? Don’t hesitate to apply anyway – don’t let the confidence gap or imposter syndrom get in the way!

Recruitment process

  • Submit an application form – it’s the best way for us to get to know you
  • Answer a few technical questions during an initial call with the Web team
  • Join a pair programming session and interview with the Web team and Talent Acquisition Specialist (currently remote-only)
  • Get feedback and join our team!

P.S. We will notify you about the results on each step

Want to know more?

And here is what this job is about:

From technical point of view – in software development we value:

Next developer happiness

  • We care for a reliable test base. If the tests pass, there’s a high chance it will work on production
  • Our code is self-explanatory
  • We keep README concise, up-to-date and informative
  • We commit to `main` at least once a day

Visibility in Communication

  • We don’t rely on esoteric communication channels like offline, meetings or Slack
  • Each important information is moved to proper long-living place – documentation, Pull Request, code, knowledge base
  • We over communicate our progress. No micromanagement is needed

Client’s perspective

  • We don’t play with the client’s budget. When considering new technologies, we take the risk into account
  • We solve problems. Client tells us what’s his and we will solve it time-efficiently
  • We don’t just move issues from one column to another. We make sure that the problem is solved
  • We proactively suggest best solutions and alternatives

Next actions

  • In discussions and meetings, we aim for action points: Who does what and when
  • We constantly ask ourselves: what’s important now?
  • We focus on fixing instead of blaming

About the job: non-technical

The hierarchy in our organization is flat. That means we do things “bottom-up”- there’s no need to go through layers of management to solve a simple issue.

Depending on the project, your team contains iOS developers, Android developers, a QA engineer, a designer, and a scrum master. Usually, a team sits in one room (there’s no open space!), which makes for excellent cooperation, though right now we’re working remotely (you can still work from the office if you like). We work in Scrum with 1-2 week sprints (depending on the project), but we use it as a framework, not a process, meaning we adjust it to fit a project’s needs. As developers, we try not to do Agile, but be agile. We keep our product backlogs in Jira and our documentation in Confluence. We also use Google Suite, Trello and Slack.

We have weekly Web Team meetings where we discuss both the technical and non-technical. If you wish to attend Android, Flutter or iOS Team meetings instead, you are free to do so. Occasionally we also do joint meetings if we want to discuss general development topics.

That’s it.

Now it’s your turn – go ahead and click Apply Now, fill in the form and wait for news from us!

Perks & benefits

The best working conditions and broad self-development possibilities



Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, a cozy nest full of tech waits for you at any hour.

26 paid days off

Paid days off

Need time off? Recharge with paid days off to use as you wish.

Budget to spend on training of your choice

Training budget & days off

We give you a budget to spend on conferences and additional 3 days off for it.

Private healthcare (Medicover)

Private healthcare

Don't wait in line! Fast, kind and accurate Allianz services are at your disposal.

Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare

We care about your mental health, so if you feel down you can always get help from our dedicated platform or a specialist.

Internal workshops

Internal workshops

We invite pros to teach us how to become better - in both soft & hard skills.

Internal groups meetings

Internal groups meetings

You have time for weekly meetings with the rest of your group to share knowledge and develop your skills.



Have a real influence in the IT community and engage in creating our events: Toast, Let Swift, Dribbble & LogCat.


Macbook & software

We work on Macbooks Pro and you’ll get one as well on your first day, together with any software you need.

Additional accessories for your computer

Additional accessories

Craft your ideal work environment and choose: monitors, mouse, keyboard, earphones, face mask :) and more.

Books, access to paid content and more

Books & paid content

Dive into reading your favourites books or magazines. We provide you with access to the best content and company Kindles.



Stay fit & move a bit!! Swimming pools, gyms, fitness dance classes and much more to choose from.

Fame on our blog

Fame on our blog

Have something to say? Publish your thoughts on our blog and get shared by digests like AndroidWeekly or Hacker News.

Online integrations

Online integrations

Being accompanied by your team online is what we support. Take part in online parties, play Among Us and just relax!

Breakfasts (sandwiches, fruit)

Food & drinks

Enjoy a daily breakfasts (sandwiches, salads and fruit) with freshly ground coffee and a variety of drinks, all available in our kitchen.


Brand new office

We’ve got a 700m2 office with project rooms in the city center, relax in a funroom, a naproom or play ping pong – you are not glued to your desk all-day!

Remote working


In a little cabin in the mountains, in Bali or simply at your home - you can work remotely for a limited time from anywhere in the world.


Shower & balcony

Take a shower after riding a bike to the office and take a deep breath drinking coffee at a balcony looking at the old city roofs.

Ping Pong

Ping pong

Being accompanied by your team online is what we support. Take part in online parties, play Among Us or any other games and just relax!

Varied food around the office

Varied food around the office

Just a minute from the office you can find Poke Poke, Wosabi, 8 Misek, Meet & Eat, Panda Ramen and many more great bistros.