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library Android, GIF

Gif Drawable

Views and Drawable for displaying animated GIFs on Android.

library Android, plugin

Gradle localization plugin

Gradle plugin for generating localized string resources

library Android, plugin

Gradle Jenkins plugin

Gradle plugin for CI Android projects on Jenkins

library groovy

Android Gradle Pitest plugin

Gradle plugin for PIT Mutation Testing in Android projects

library groovy

Android Gradle AOSP aapt plugin

Gradle plugin which sets aaptConfig.additional parameters based on environment variables defined by AOSP build system

library Java


Annotation based HTML to Java parser

library Java

Android Font Binder

Annotation-based typeface binding to TextViews

library Java

MockWebServerPlus for Android

Fork of mockwebserver + using Anroid-friendly snakeyaml.

library Java

Snakeyaml fork for Android with FIELD bean access

Snakeyaml for Android with FIELD bean access

library Java

Android PDF viewer

Android PDF Viewer library with pinch-to-zoom gesture support.

library Java

Snakeyaml for Android

Fork of snakeyaml YAML parser working on Android, API levels < 21.

library kotlin

JaCoCo Gradle TestKit plugin

Gradle plugin for JaCoCo code coverage in tests using Gradle TestKit.

library kotlin

MockWebServer path dispatcher

A helper for dispatching MockWebServer responses.

library Kotlin


Gradle plugin for disabling animations in global settings before UI tests and reenabling them afterwards

library kotlin


Container for Quality Assurance utilities to be included in QA/testing variants of Android apps.


project Groovy, Gradle

buildSrc sample application

Sample Android app with gradle buildSrc.

project Java

Hackme application for Toast #7

Application for Toast #7 to demonstrate reverse-engineering. Published also in Google Play Store.

project Kotlin

Android device cleaner

Tool for cleaning up Android devices. Designed for restoring state of devices used for QA on STF.

project kotlin

Toast Android App

Android app for TOAST Android developers meetup.


snippet Android


Modification of preserving only primary page indicator.

snippet Android

Image Capture Helper

Helper for sending ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE intent and retrieve its results. Handles all low level operations.

snippet gradle

Adding generated test sources to Java model

How to add generated test sources to Java model and make them visible in Android Studio. Workaround for issue:null



library iOS, Swift


Lightweight, written natively in Swift, circular UIScrollView.


project iOS, Swift


Apple TV Parallax effect in Swift.

project iOS, Swift


SwiftyRouter makes it easy to deal with network connection in Swift.

project Swift


Examples of using RxSwift and additional modules from RxSwiftCommunity.

project Swift


An example of measuring app with ARKit in iOS 11

project Swift


An example of use a Vision framework for face landmarks detection in iOS 11



project Flutter


Air pollution monitor app

project flutter

Flutter Developer Roadmap

Roadmap for Flutter developers in 2020


snippet bash

change-merged gerrit replication hook

change-merged gerrit hook pushing branches according to ${GERRIT_SITE} /etc/client_replication_remotes

snippet bash

/dev/full on OS X

/dev/full alternative on OS X simulating ENOSPC errors

snippet Python

HipChat Gerrit hooks

Gerrit hooks sending notifications to HipChat



project bash

Bitrise step Cisco VPN Connect

Bitrise step for Cisco VPN connection.

project bash

Bitrise step publish Spoon results

Bitrise step for publishing Spoon tests results on GitHub pages.

project bash

Bitrise step SonarQube Scanner

Bitrise step for running SonarQube Scanner CLI.

project go

Bitrise step Device Farmer connect

Bitrise step for Open STF devices connection.

project go

Bitrise step Device Farmer disconnect

Bitrise step for Open STF device disconnection.

project go

Bitrise step update JIRA issue field

Bitrise step for updating JIRA issue fields.

project Go

Bitrise step Flutter

Bitrise step for building and testing Flutter projects

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