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Mobile App for Employees: 5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs One

Optimize workflows, save time and resources, and boost employee satisfaction. Learn about these and other benefits an employee mobile app can bring your organization!

real benefits of implementing company apps for employees

Employee mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace. 

They provide a range of benefits for both employers and employees, including improved communication, increased productivity, better collaboration, enhanced employee engagement, improved customer service, and more.

technology investments – mobile apps for employees

This article will discuss five reasons why your company needs an employee mobile app. 

From streamlining processes to providing real-time access to information and resources, an employee mobile app can help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve overall performance.

What are employee mobile apps?

A mobile employee app is a specialized application that is tailored to a company’s specific internal needs. 

These apps usually provide employees with easy access to relevant information, tools, and communication channels. They serve as a centralized platform for streamlined collaboration, process optimization, and efficient information exchange within an organization.

What is the purpose of the employee app?

Mobile employee apps serve various purposes depending on a company’s specific needs

Here are a few examples:

Help employees stay connected with their workplace

Mobile employee apps may serve as a platform to access important information, manage tasks, and communicate with colleagues. 

Streamline various processes within the organization

Such apps can be used to optimize various processes within your company, such as onboarding new employees, tracking attendance, and managing payroll. 

Improve employee engagement and development

They can also be used as tools for employee engagement and development by providing access to training materials and other resources that can help employees enhance their skills.

Primary goals of employee mobile apps

What benefits might a mobile employee app bring to your organization?

1. Enhanced communication and collaboration

An employee app facilitates seamless and instant communication, breaking down silos and promoting cross-functional collaboration

By providing a unified platform for team discussions, updates, and file sharing, these apps improve communication flow, leading to faster decision-making, increased productivity, and enhanced employee engagement.

2. Streamlined processes and increased efficiency

An employee app streamlines internal processes with features like task management, shared calendars, and workflow automation. They enable teams to coordinate tasks, track progress, and manage projects more efficiently. By reducing manual efforts, these apps help optimize workflows, saving time and resources.

3. Improved employee engagement and satisfaction

A mobile employee app can foster a sense of belonging and involvement within an organization. They provide channels for employee feedback, recognition, and idea sharing.

These apps also enable access to company news, updates, and events, keeping employees informed and engaged. By promoting transparent and inclusive communication, employee apps contribute to higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

4. Access to real-time information anywhere, anytime

Employee apps ensure that staff have quick and convenient access to relevant information, regardless of their location. 

Whether it’s accessing project documents, company policies, or training materials, these apps eliminate the dependence on physical resources and enable employees to stay updated and make informed decisions on the go.

5. Scalability and customization

An employee app can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your scale-up company.

As your organization grows, these apps can adapt to evolving requirements and integrate additional features seamlessly. They offer scalability and customization options, allowing you to align the app with your unique business processes and goals.

Employee Mobile App - benefits for businesses

Employee mobile app – an example of business impact 

It’s time to show you the specific benefits of creating an employee mobile app for an organization through a concrete example.

Let’s use the example of CPOT –  an application we’ve created.

It was developed for the special needs of our business partner – NCC is one of the leading construction companies in the Nordics.

CPOT is designed to address the unique challenges of road maintenance teams, increasing their efficiency and streamlining their workflows.

Key features and benefits of this employee app include:

Task management and scheduling

The app enabled road maintenance staff to manage their tasks and schedules efficiently. It provided a central platform for assigning tasks, tracking progress, and setting deadlines. This feature ensured that workers were well informed about their responsibilities, improving overall project coordination and completion times.

Real-time reports and updates

The app facilitated real-time reporting on road maintenance activities. Workers could quickly capture and submit data on completed tasks, material usage, equipment inspections, and any issues encountered on site. This streamlined reporting process eliminated paperwork, reduced administrative burden, and enabled immediate action based on up-to-date information.

Document management

The app provided easy access to important documents, such as road maps, safety guidelines, and maintenance logs. Staff could access these documents directly from their mobile devices, ensuring they always had the information they needed at hand. This feature minimized errors, improved compliance with standards, and increased the overall quality of road maintenance work.

Communication and collaboration

The app facilitated seamless cooperation between road maintenance teams. Through integrated messaging and file-sharing features, staff could discuss, share updates, and exchange information in real time. This improved collaboration and eliminated communication gaps, enabling faster decision-making and efficient problem-solving.

GPS and mapping integration

The app included GPS and mapping features so that staff could navigate to specific locations and track their progress. This feature provided real-time location data, which helps to optimize route planning significantly and consequently saves a lot of resources, including financial ones. 

I hope this example has given you a glimpse of the incredible benefits that creating a mobile app for employees can bring to your business.

Are there certain kinds of businesses where an employee app would be particularly useful?

The idea of the CPOT application shown in the example above, aimed at optimizing key processes in an organization, is proving to be universal and needed in various industries

Combining task management, reporting, and document management, alongside streamlining internal communication and integrating with external tools and platforms, has significantly improved the company’s operations and turned into real savings.

You have to admit that these are effects that almost every company cares about, regardless of the specifics

5 Examples of mobile apps for employees

Vestas Doc 

The Vestas Doc app is designed for technicians and professionals in the wind energy industry. It provides easy access to various technical documents and support materials for Vestas wind turbines. 

With offline functionality, users can download and access vital information, even without an internet connection. The app streamlines maintenance and troubleshooting processes, improving efficiency for wind turbine technicians. 

FedEx Employees Credit Assoc

The FECA app is a mobile application for FedEx employees, providing convenient access to financial services. Users can manage their account, make transactions, deposit checks, and access helpful resources. It empowers employees to handle their finances easily.

Connected by Skanska 

This app is dedicated to new employees, guests, or participants of company events. Thanks to it, users can easily find their way around a given office. It provides information about the office layout, amenities, and important guidelines for a comfortable and productive experience.

INET (Inditex) 

The INET app promotes employee engagement, provides updates, and offers interactive experiences for users, enhancing their connection with the Inditex brand.

What’s more, it’s dedicated to both current employees and job seekers. 

In addition to offering personalized information about the company and the fashion industry, it also provides a career quiz to help users find their perfect match among Inditex’s brands.

Exciting updates are also on the way, including a VR experience for candidates joining stores and a dedicated candidate space.

VWP – Volkswagen Poznań 

This app is all about Volkswagen Poznań. Members of the VWP crew can use it to gain access to the latest information and news, important contacts, FAQs, newsletters, events, and even the daily canteen menu. It also offers details on employee medical packages, internal job opportunities, and more. 

Non VWP employees can also log in as a guest to receive basic information and external job listings.

The future of employee apps

I see great potential in employee apps, especially as their ability to enhance workplace productivity, engagement, and collaboration becomes more well-known and needed.

why to develop an employee mobile app

Looking for a partner to create your employee app?

If you are looking for a development partner to create your employee mobile app, contact us

We are Droids On Roids – an app development company from Poland with over 12 years of experience. 

Our well-thought-out, proven development process and talented team ensure you can count on us for quality, staying on budget, and meeting deadlines. We’d be glad to put together an offer and give you an estimate for your project.

Mobile employee app development – wrap-up

Employee mobile apps have gained significant traction among scale-up companies seeking to optimize their operations. 

These apps use the power of mobile technology to provide employees with a centralized platform for accessing crucial information, managing tasks, and fostering seamless communication. 

why it's worth to implement an implementing an employee mobile app

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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