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7 Reasons Why Droids On Roids Is a Great Place for a Scrum Master

Hi there, my name is Karolina, and I have worked as a Scrum Master at Droids On Roids for several months now. I know the dilemma many of us face when looking for a new job. Does this organization follow Scrum by the book? Is there a space for feedback and improvement? What about people and support? In this article, I will try to share some insights about the Scrum Masters team at our company. Don’t forget to peek at our ‘Careers’ page if you like what you read.

They say that a Scrum Master has significant opportunities to develop. The sky is the limit – you can focus on transforming your organization, empowering your team, providing a better understanding of the product development process, or all at once. What happens more often than we would want, however, is that the sky mentioned is not that far away from the ground. The environment we find ourselves in is not always where we want it to be. That’s why I wanted to share some insights about working as a Scrum Master at Droids On Roids. Along with my teammates, we listed 7 things that, in our opinion, make our Scrum Master group strong and create a lot of possibilities for growth.


#1 We are encouraged to experiment, learn and repeat

Our organization strongly supports the Agile approach. By that, I mean we are constantly learning to discover better ways of developing software – as stated in the Agile Manifesto. We are not only Scrum-oriented but Agile-centered. We are open and curious about frameworks different from Scrum. We treat our projects individually, with a massive amount of flexibility to find the perfect fit for the problem we want to solve. And most importantly, choosing Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, or others always depends on the team’s decision.

#2 Our Scrum team’s complex problems are the common matter

You are never alone. Our Scrum Masters group gets together on daily meetings, plannings, regular retrospectives, and more. By joining our team, you can be sure that you can share your ups and downs and get only support, with no judging, in return. Let’s bring your team’s impediment to our Agile circle and defeat it with your fellow Scrum Masters!


#3 We believe sharing is the best way to gain knowledge and relationships

Have you ever heard about Pair Scrummings? We visit each other on our Scrum Events and provide feedback. It’s a pretty easy way to get some inspiration and develop facilitation skills. But there’s much more! Once a week, we meet in the knowledge-sharing session, and once a month, we organize a work-day-long workshop on the chosen topic. We checked: intensive learning side by side brings people altogether. There’s also a lot of space for your personal growth, development budget, or invitations to join external meet-ups and events.

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#4 We have a real influence on the change in the organization

Where there is feedback, there’s always a place to act. Our organization is not afraid to inspect and adapt, yet change is the only constant thing. We can improve anything if we have enough energy to put into action. Looking for a place with a lot of space to implement your creative ideas? It seems that you have found one.

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#5 We focus on developing products, not finishing projects

We thrive on being long-term partners for our clients. We choose to deliver the Product Goal over closing the project. Our Scrum teams care personally about the success of developed apps. As Scrum Masters, we ensure that the team stays focused on the goal, and teach about the importance of Sprint Goals, roadmaps, metrics, and user feedback. We can get involved in a Product Discovery process with our new clients and keep learning about discovering the real user needs behind the products.

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#6 We are fully engaged in the recruitment process

Team Fit is not a myth. To be sure that you share our values, attitude, and Agile mindset, we are engaged in your recruitment process from the very beginning. In each of the two hiring steps, we meet with candidates personally. It’s a great way to slip into the recruiter’s shoes and see how the process looks from the other side of your laptop camera.

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#7 Our Scrum Teams don’t blow up when we go on vacation 🙂

Everyone needs some days off. As a Scrum Master at Droids On Roids, you don’t have to worry about your team. The developers here have a great understanding of the Scrum framework and Agile itself. Business value and product goals are not new to them. Communication between the Scrum team and client works from the first Sprints. They’re always open to your guidance, as well to new challenges like facilitating the meetings.



The Scrum Master profession gives you a lot of possibilities to grow. You need to find a place to spread your wings to use them fully. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting your career or have a few years of experience working with different Scrum teams – Droids On Roids trusts your skills. And this trust may be the most crucial reason to consider joining our Team. Check out our open positions:, and we’ll see you on board!

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