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healthcare software types guide

15 Top Healthcare Software Types – Industry Overview

Meticulous Research forecasts that the healthcare IT market will reach $907.18 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 13.2% from 2024 to 2031. This rapid growth is being driven by technological advances, increasing demand for efficient healthcare delivery, patient engagement, and the need for regulatory compliance. Here’s an overview of the current state of […]

Flutter for IoT Development

Why Flutter for IoT is Your Best Bet – Top 10 Reasons

IoT development specialists need a seamless and efficient way to create robust applications for connected devices. Cross-platform capabilities and a rich feature set could be perfect. But what solution offers such capabilities? Flutter is a perfect solution for IoT projects because it improves user experience and device integration.

internet of things challenges

Today’s 11 IoT Challenges and Solutions That Work

The Internet of Things is one of the next great leaps for business. While many industries already embrace IoT systems, others are still in the early stages of their IoT possibilities. It’s also a trend that is catching on: in 2022, enterprise spending in IoT development grew by 21.5%. Even amidst turbulent times, big organizations […]

Top IoT applications

IoT Applications: 7 Real-World Examples Across Industries

There’s a reason why the Internet of Things market is expected to be worth over $1 trillion by 2024. IoT applications automate processes and generate brand-new product offerings thanks to the continuous connection between machines, humans, and data. Together with enhanced sensor connectivity and new technologies like artificial intelligence, IoT has the potential to drive […]

IoT security threats and solutions

8 Key IoT Security Challenges and Proven Solutions from the Field

At Droids On Roids, we work daily on developing connectivity applications that interact seamlessly with our clients’ custom IoT devices. We know firsthand how crucial it is to prioritize security in this area. This inspired us to create this article. What is IoT security? The dynamic nature of IoT security is full of ongoing challenges, […]

Tips on BLE mobile app development

8 Key Tips on BLE Mobile App Development

How to develop a Bluetooth Low Energy app? Check out 8 tips on successful BLE Mobile App Development. Guide for current & future App Owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare software refers to applications and systems that support medical and administrative processes in healthcare settings.

This includes:

  • patient information management,
  • scheduling, billing,
  • diagnostics,
  • and telehealth services.

Patients can also use this software to access their health records, schedule appointments, communicate with healthcare providers, and even receive virtual care through telehealth platforms.

The most common type of healthcare software is electronic health records (EHR). EHR software helps manage patient records, including medical history, medications, and treatment plans, improving the efficiency and accuracy of patient care.