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How to Speak to Developer – Designers’ Cheatsheet

How to Speak to Developer

Communication between designer and developer is essential to the project success — so far, so obvious and we all know it, right? But the reality very often challenges us with communication issues that nobody’s expected because we’re all focusing on the natural flow of work and the great results we’d like to achieve.

What could cause these issues? One of the problems might be a different nomenclature of particular UI elements in Material Design and iOS Human Guidelines.obrazekThese differences are annoying if you’re both Android & iOS Mobile Designer
and every time you have to think twice and investigate that for example Tab Bar in iOS is Bottom Navigation Bar in Android. And some elements have even the same names like Toolbar and yes… the name is the only thing that connects them. It’s really annoying and time-consuming!

Based on our own experience here at Droids On Roids we’ve created
a cheatsheet that is an enormous help in daily communication between the design team and developers. And today we’d like to share it with you because
we believe that sharing is caring!

Learn today how to speak to your developer! Just click the link below and download the cheatsheet for free.