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Mobile & Web App Development Process – 7 Stages You Need To Know – Step by Step Guide

This article series describes the 7 crucial Stages of the Mobile
& Web App Development Process from a Business point of view.
It is an essential guide for current and future App Owners.

Mobile and Web App Development Stages

Is this article series for you?

  • Are you thinking about developing an app but you don’t know how to start and what to focus on?
  • Have you already started development for your app, but you are not sure if it will succeed? Maybe you feel like a lost ball in the high weeds because you don’t know what the team is doing and where your budget is going?
  • Would you like to know exactly how the mobile or web app development process looks like (starting at preparations, ending at app release & maintenance)?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the above questions, this article series is the perfect guide for you.

Introduction – on what basis have we prepared this series?

We have 7-years experience on the market. In this time, we’ve created about 130 mobile and web apps for our clients from around the world. This is why we were able to prepare a quintessence of our knowledge for you, gathered through thousands of conversations and meetings with our partners.

Every one of our clients is unique and individual, but there are some pain points, fears, goals, and challenges which are repeatable and universal in nature. So, you don’t need to bang your head through a wall when the door is open.


We’re 100% office based team with 7-years’ experience
in mobile & web app development

Estimate project

All the topics you will find in these articles are based on the perspectives of many experts from the Droids On Roids team – iOS Developers, Android Developers, Scrum Masters, UX/UI Designers, Quality Assurance Specialists and Account Managers. In this series, you will find tips from 7 specialists from our team.

Why it’s worth following the series

We have never before shared such a in-depth and cross-sectional guide for current and future App Owners. I believe it will make your journey fascinating, safe and goal-oriented.

Wojtek Szwajkiewicz
CEO, Droids On Roids

User Journey Maps, Wireframes, Clickable Prototypes, Designs or even your App Branding. We will describe what the design creation process of an app looks like and how the App Owner takes part in it.

Paweł Szymankiewicz
Creative Lead, Droids On Roids

How much does the team work and what exactly are they logging their time for? When will the app be ready? How much of my budget is left? Together with the Scrum Masters team, we’ve prepared for you all the useful information about smooth communication & transparency which you should demand from you partner.

Partycja Paszek
Certified Scrum Master, Droids On Roids

Writing a code is a kind of art. Even if you are not a artist, you should be a “conscious spectator”. A basic knowledge about programmers’ work will help you to have a deeper understanding of your app development progress and ask the proper questions to your team.

Karol Wrótniak
Android Developer, Droids On Roids

We all dream about bug-free apps. How to make it come true? You will get to know how the Quality Assurance process should look and why it’s so important for your end-users’ satisfaction.

Michał Szydłowski
Quality Assurance Engineer, Droids On Roids

Wrap up

Still there? Do not get out of the saddle just yet. In this article, we will be continuing to put links to subsequent newly published blog posts from the series “Mobile & Web App Development – 7 Stages You Need To Know”. We hope you will be there with us to the last dot 😉

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