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What is the Agenda of Kick-off Meeting in Software Development?

Are you a Product Owner and want to learn what will be happening during App Development Kick-off? Below you can find the example of a Kick-off Meeting Agenda.

What is the Agenda of Kick-off Meeting in Software Development?

It is worth to mention, that Project Kick-off can take place at one meeting, or be split into more meetings.

  1. Intro

    You clarify the roles & responsibilities of every team member. You are introduced to the role of Product Owner.

  2. Tools

    You are introduced to the crucial tools that you will use in the cooperation with your partner.

  3. Refinement

    In this phase, product backlog items are created. They are prioritized & have clear requirements.

  4. Planning

    Together with your partner, you plan the work you want to perform in the first Sprint.

  5. DoR & DoD

    At the beginning of the project, you set the Definition of Ready and Definition of Done. It drives the quality of work.

In every software house, this agenda can look different. But for sure, Kick-off meeting should give you the feeling, that you know your role as a Product Owner, and every role in the team. What is more, the rules you want to follow should be defined.

? In this article, you can read more about the App Development Kick-off and about tools you will be introduced to.

This article is a part of the series “Mobile & Web App Development – 7 Stages You Need To Know” which covers the following topics:

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  4. Project Kick-off & Setup
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  8. Release Preparation
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