An event app offering
advanced RSVP and ETA tracking
for simpler meeting up made in Flutter

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Our mobile development team had to build an event application that combined typical event app features such as event creation and RSVP with ETA tracking and status updates. Its goal is to provide users with a practical tool for organizing meetings.


We built an app offering sophisticated features such as sharing the approximate user ETAs 30 mins before the event starts. The app also makes it possible to quickly share status updates with the event organizers.

App screens

App features

Create events

Users can create a new event by following an intuitive step-by-step process displayed on a user-friendly interface.

Invite guests

The next step is inviting people to the event. Users can invite participants via SMS to have them RSVP to the event.


Participants can view event details on a website and respond there – or they can download the app and RSVP directly in-app.

ETA tracking

Thirty minutes before the event starts, the participants' ETAs will be automatically shared to help users track everyone's arrival.

Status updates

Guests can send a quick message to the event organizers to let them know whether or not to wait for them.

Privacy and safety

All the locations are displayed privately, and users can only see the relative distance of other participants to the event location. Only the guests who RSVP'd as "going" to an event can see the ETAs of other guests.

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