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Exploit the full potential of your wireless Skybuds earphones thanks to the Skybuds app

Our challenge

To create a mobile app connecting with wireless earphones via Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Low Energy & Bluetooth Classic) and to ensure the possibility of performing hassle-free firmware updates.

Our solution

Android and iOS apps with a user-friendly & interactive UI that give users more control over their wireless Skybuds earphones and Skydock (wireless charging dock). We provided the best update experience possible, thanks to the smooth cooperation between the hardware provider and software development team.

Droids on Roids’ communication with us was steady and reliable, while their code quality was clean on both Android and iOS platforms. They stayed up-to-date on different coding languages and the team was very organized.

Jamie Roberts Seltzer CEO, Alpha Audiotronics

Main Features


The user gets clear information about the current state of the devices – this includes both Skybuds & Skydock states (inside/outside, charging/running low battery, opened/closed, etc.)


Thanks to this feature, you will always know where you left your Skybuds and Skydock. Disconnection is displayed on your phone with a notification and map – this is possible thanks to the Bluetooth signal and GPS.


The app keeps track of firmware updates, so your devices are always up to date with the newest features. The updates support background transfer and barely require the user's attention beyond agreeing to the update.


Thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which we used, users always see the current states of their devices, with almost no impact on the battery.


You can activate various modes on your Skybuds: active awareness, deep sleep, low battery, internal volume level and more.

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